LOST 6.3 What Kate Does

Which might explain all the weird-ass injections Claire was given back in S1 or 2 (tha were never explained)–the Others were trying to stop the “seed of darkness” from growing in her.

And if the Aussie psychic was being used by Esau, that might be why he steered her to the island. Maybe he’s never possessed a pregnant chick before.

And what, exactly, did Sawyer think was going to happen? The second you tell Kate "Don’t do < something > " she will…because Kate is the destroyer of all that is good.

I think Clare must be the new “crazy” French/Aussie lady in this timeline. She was pregnant and lost her baby, is infected and now sets traps for the “others”. Now Kate is trying to reunite her with Aaron like they did with Alex and Frenchy.

Don’t get this whole alternate time line in LA. It’s like they have glimpses of the past (Haven’t I seen you before somewhere?) like with Kate seeing Jack or Jack and Desmond on the plane. Also with Clare yelling out Aaron’s name not knowing why. Do you think Juliet is alive in LA too?

Certainly have no idea what this whole poison/torture deal is all about. Liked that Jack called their bluff and wouldn’t let Sayid take the pill. That torture bit reminded me of the “witch” tests they used to do in colonial times. Set her on fire and if she burns she’s not a witch, but if she doesn’t burn she is so kill her. So if he wasn’t infected he wouldn’t have felt pain when they stuck him with a red hot poker? What would he be? A spirit?

Not digging either facet of the new season. The noncrash timeline seems so regressive in a been there, done that sort of way. The crash timeline, oddly enough, also has regressed. Racheal points out why. I’m sure it will pick up. So far it has been a season premiere and a Kate-centric episode, which are both among my least favorite. Next week we get more Man in Black, so maybe it will pick up.

So far, though, I gotta say that their tagline “No More Questions. Only Answers.” has turned into a steaming pile of bullshit! :smiley:

Until Jack became a pill tester, I thought the pill was a form of the serum that Desmond used to inject. At least this gives me hope that they will return to the sickness and the serum for an explanation. It had felt as if that plotline was falling by the wayside.

I thought for sure the couple was going to be someone interesting.

There do seem to be a lot of parallels, but in that timeline, CFL still exists.

Which timeline? In the one on the island, CFL is dead. In the other, she never makes it to the island to begin with.

When Claire was doubled-over with pain from the contractions, she screamed “They’re coming!”? (Just like Jacob said to fake Locke before being rolled into the fire).

? Hmm?

I think the episode stunk, and I wish Kate would get killed by one of the traps in the jungle. Or shot with a poison dart. Or a flaming arrow. Or all of the above. Yeah, she’s hot, but I still can’t stand her character.

It looked to me that the pill was full of the ash used to keep Smokey at bay. Would make sense if “the sickness” involved being posessed in some way by the Smoke Monster.

I’m pretty sure she just said “It’s coming.” You know, the baby. Cause she was going into labor.

Hmm. Not to me. It looked like ground up herbs (he has tons growing all about the place), and we saw him using a mortar and pestle before. In fact, it looks just like an herbal supplement I used to take a while ago.

If anything, one of the major questions yet to be answered is what do these babies have to do with anything? I started to think Aaron is to become something important to the island, and the future in general. Perhaps he’ll become like Jacob & “Esau”. Or perhaps Aaron IS “Esau” (since we know Time Travel is possible). Since neither can kill each other directly, maybe Jacob somehow cursed the island so that pregnant mothers die in their third trimester.

I dunno.

Add me to the disappointed list. We are just getting more Jack being Jack, Kate being Kate, and Hurley being Hurley. Sawyer is getting a little mopey but otherwise he is pretty much the same. Seeing Crazy Claire was nice though.

I wish Our Feisty Kate had fallen into that hole with a nuclear bomb. I swear, as long as I’ve watched this show I’ve never bought her as anything other than eye candy for the men, no matter what dumb badassery they have her do. Always front and center, always sticking her nose in, always up for anything - how many times has she uttered “I’m coming with you!” She’s like the heroine in A Boy’s Big Book of Adventures, published in 1930. Just don’t see it, she just looks so…vacuous. And Claire is so pretty, poor old Kate suffers by comparison. It’ll be interesting to see a Bad Claire.

Jack: “Why do I think you won’t be happy to tell us anything?”

Ya think?

That’s what it looked like. And how much time has passed since they sent up that rocket in the last episode? I would thing that Esau/Fake Locke and the Other Others would have had time to get to the Temple by now.

If you look at the date of Claire’s sonogram, it says 10/22/2004 – so the not-LOST flight is a month later than it originally was.

Or it is a typo. :wink:

This may sound weird, but I liked what they did with this episode more than I actually liked the episode itself.

You see, even while this was a Kate episode with her name right in the title and everything, it wasn’t really about Kate in any meaningful way. The stuff with Sayid was about what’s happening with him and Jack (and kudos to Jack for forcing someone to answer a question) - but it was also telling us what happened to Claire. The traps in the jungle? Claire’s work. What’s Kate trying to do on island? Get Sawyer to help her find Claire. Who saves Jin at the end? Who does Kate spend time with off island?

It’s like the producers decided to bring the show back to Claire with this episode, but it’s not obvious that that’s what they’re doing until the end of the episode. Which was a pretty neat trick. Unfortunately they did that by having us spend a whole lot of time with Kate. And yes, she is a PITA. So, points of for Kate centrism.

What’s PITA?


It’s an organization that goes over the top trying to protect animals.

No, wait, that’s not it.

It’s a tasty sandwich. Kate and Juliet woudl make a very nice PITA.

Also, it’s an acronym for Pain in the Ankle (or, you can substitute your own A-word there).
–ETA: Curse you, Trion.

I want to know why Jack had to be the one to give Sayid the pill. If it’s poison why would it matter? Dogen could torture him but not poison him?

A mediocre episode; but mediocre “Lost” is better most anything else on my TV. Loved Miles and Hurley. They are just the cats pajamas. There needs to be more Miles and Hurley. Questions – why is it important to the ‘others’ to bring Sawyer back? Why doesn’t anyone ask Cindy the stewardess what the heck is going on? Wait – that would be too easy. and I miss Desmond and Penny

ETA - whoever above said that it was really a Claire-centered episode had a really good point