Lost 4.11: "Cabin Fever"

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So, Jack is all better and Locke et al are off to see the wizard. CFL is dead, and so her daughter. That kinda ends that story arch, I imagine. Clearly, tonight’s episode title refers to Jacob’s cabin. Will we get to see Dr. Shepherd Sr. again? I wonder if Hurley gets spooked in the cabin, makes a break for the beach camp, and that’s how he ends up getting off The Island with Jack Sun, Aaron, Kate and Sayid.

From the on-screen guide for tonight’s episode:

** “Cabin Fever” **: Locke discovers the location of Jacob’s cabin, and life aboard the freighter becomes increasingly perilous.ach.

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Sweet. A Jacob episode. It’s about time.

So, for two (or was it three?) weeks they switched to Wednesdays for no reason, and now they went back to Thursdays? Can we please get some kind of order?!


I know I’m kind of out of it today, but I think the show’s been on Thursday nights all season. It did move from 9 to 10 after the strike break.


what temporal zone are you in?

around these parts, Lost has been on the tube on thursday.

what is stranger is that I never watch it on Thursday, but watch it on Friday (online)

Did the previews from last week’s episode show a clip of Jacob?

ETA: They have good pot in Burlington. :smiley:

I don’t like this ghost story turn things seem to be taking. Sci-Fi - ok. Fantasy - ok. But for some reason the ghosts popping up bother me. and I’m just not interested in Locke anymore.

I’ll still watch tho.

What? I could have sworn it was on Wednesdays last week and the week before…right? Right?
Great…now I’m crazy. Thanks guys.

Don’t worry bouv. I’m just going to assume you went through some kind of time displacement field.


Well, the concept of “now” is… relative, as Faraday likes to say. :wink:

Are you speaking of Horace Goodspeed? We’ll find out his connection to Jacob during this episode…maybe.

Yes, apparently I was speaking of Horace Goodspeed. Sometimes this show confuses me.

well he’s back:

Then you’ve stuck around pretty darned long, considering that the deceased Dr. Christian Shepherd has been seen by Jack as far back as the early episodes of the first season. And Eko’s brother Yemi in the second.

cmkeller - I guess you’re right. They just seemed to be figuring more prominently lately, and I didn’t like that. (so I have to be rational regarding this show now)

Seems to me that life on the freighter was always on the perilous side…

IIRC, Horace was standing outside of a cabin.

And he told Locke that he’s been dead for 16 years.

12 years. My bad.

Oooh, look, little John’s the Dharma Lama.

oops, no he’s not

It’s official. Richard hasn’t aged a day in at least 40 or 50 years.

It already was official, from when Ben saw him in his past. This makes it official that Dharma(or whatever) had an interest in him from the beginning.