Daring kitten rescue: an update

As an update to this thread, I thought I would post some updated photos of this “tortietude” that Boscibo spoke of. Boy howdy. She has exploded in fur.

What was once a faint suggestion of a longhair heritage has taken over her body in an ever-increasing ball of puff.
What was once this and this evolved into this and this.

Every morning, at roughly 6 am, I am awakened by loud purring in the ear, and kneading of my curly hair while she lays on the pillow.
When I am in the shower, she must be on the toilet lid or sitting on the bath mat. When I leave the room she must follow me.
And, as evidenced by this compilation my sister made, the two are getting along just fine.

Awwww! I’m so glad she’s doing so well! nuzzles

Wow. That kitty’s not cute at all.

So what the hell did you name her?

Aww, she’s so pretty. And yeah, what did you end up naming her?

Izzy. She is too cute! She’s just a teenager, so she’s awkward.

She is not cute. She’s uber-super-deluxe-cute-supreme, thankyouverymuch.

Both of my boy kitties and my dog now have crushes on her.

:smiley: Just wait until she grows into all that fur. Or, god forbid, the fur keeps growing too…

Your black cat has a cat hat.

That one wasn’t even the worst.

No sir, not cute at all…

Might wind up looking like this.

SQEEEE! ::falls over in a faint from Robot Arm’s cat and ladyfoxfyre’s kitties::

Man that was a nice thread to wake up to this morning.

It’s such a brave thing you did rescuing her, ladyfoxfyre, and I’m so happy to see she’s become such a beautiful kitty.

Maybe she’ll really grow into her tortie hair. Meet Halley. :smiley:

She’s beautiful! my tortie is name Izzy (Isabel) too. Princess Isabel is more like it. :smiley:

What a pretty kitty! I’m so glad she’s recovered so wonderfully from her ordeal and has settled into her position as Kitty Overlord so quickly.

As for the name, I must applaud your choice. Only the prettiest girls get named Izzy.* :smiley:

  • The fact that I’m an Izzy too doesn’t mean I’m biased. No sir.

Oh no, that is what I have to look forward to?!

Nice to see two kitties get along like that. :slight_smile:

We had a cat that looked like your kitten in terms of hair length; just a hint of longish hair. We ended up with this.

Your Izzy is so beautiful.

You should be so lucky; Maggie was a sweatheart. She was the only cat I’ve ever known who you could pick up off your lap, stand up, and put her back down without waking her up. And she was once mistaken for a fuel pump.