Darkspore Beta: worth trying?

I received an unrequested beta key for Darkspore from (of all places) Amazon (a number of people have received them, assumedly because we’ve bought games from Amazon).

I can’t find much online in the way of first impressions or early reviews, so I’ll ask the Teeming Millions: has anyone tried it yet?


It’s pretty much Diablo 2. You select a team of creatures but you only control one at a time (you can switch pretty much at will though) your creatures have different types of attacks (Tank, Summoner, DPS what you’d pretty much expect) and you can switch between your team members pretty much at will. Enemies give you parts instead of weapons/armour for drops but it works the same way. The missions are just a small series of areas that you have to clear out and find objects scattered about. It might get more complex but I’ve only done about 5 hours with it and that’s only been a few planets out of the tutorial bits. Oh and it’s pretty clearly made to be played with others. I didn’t really explore that part and since it seems to be the focus I imagine that was where the serious fun was supposed to be.

If you like Diablo/Torchlight/etc it seemed fun enough

Thanks, Darkhold. While there’s nothing wrong with that style of game, it isn’t really my cup of tea, so I’ll pass. Thanks for the info.

BTW, the Darkspore game is now in open beta. If you’ve played it on Steam you should be able to get back on, and if you didn’t then you can just download it from their site. I’ll be playing it off and on.