Darwin fish: risky?

Yea, I know these things open up another whole can of worms about wearing one’s ideologies on one’s sleeve, I’m better than you are, etc, etc. But where I live, although technically Southern California, is ideologically “thuh Deep Suth”, and I am getting a bit weary about the majority constantly reminding me that I am in the minority, assuming that just because I’m so happy, moral, humble, mellow, whatever, that it must be because I’m xian. No, I don’t go about telling people that I’m not, unless they ask. And they never ask, unless prostletizing (at which point discussion is useless).

I’ve had this Darwin fish a good two years now, collecting dust, sitting on my sheep-sacrificing altar at home, because of some of the above mentioned reasons, but I think I’m ready now to attach it to my vehicle. One of the main reasons I’ve avoided doing it, however, is one of the main reasons I want to.

Y’see, my main mode of transportation is a motorcycle. I have these visions of a Chevy Guzzler or a Ford Behemoth, proudly emblazoned with a “God Bless America” sticker, seizing the opportunity to prove who’s side Og’s on. And as we all know, on a motorcycle, it doesn’t matter who hits who, you’re the one who’s screwed. And they’re so easy to mess with when parked too. I can see being stranded at school at 10pm with a missing spark plug. And this is why I think it would be so ballsy to do. “Damn, that guy’s sure of himself, isn’t he?”

So I ask, do any Dopers display a Darwin fish on their vehicles, and if so, have you experienced any vandalism and/or road rage directed toward you?

I’ve had a DarwinFish on my various trucks for the last 20 some-odd years, in Southern California, in a small town filled with Baptists and Mormons, and I have had no trouble at all on the roads. The only incident at all occurred on campus, when a misguided member of the Alive club prised it off the window, and left it in the bed of the truck on top of a Christian screed. Since the advisor to this club is a very good friend of mine, and my department chair, I let him handle it. The culprit was identified and dealt with. I have no idea who it was, but that was 6 years ago, and I’ve never been bothered since. :smiley:

If you really want to drive them nuts, get a CthulhuFish! :eek:

My family’s had one on three cars. The current SilverVan, complete with the Euro style Deutchland sticker on the back next to the fish, has never been touched. The pickup hasn’t had any fish-related troubles. My old car had one, but it spent most of its time in university parking lots, which isn’t exactly “the deep South,” though I do think it attracted religious-based leaflets. Only once has somebody pulled up beside me shouting and waving a hand-written sign, but I couldn’t read it so it may not have even been related. In the Scouts we spent time on road trips waving signs reading “Got Any Grey Poupon?” but ours were legible, damnit!

I’m kind of curious about where in California you think is so entrenched in Christian ideals that any mention of Darwin is a vehicle-assaultingly worthy insult.

I had a Darwin fish on an old Jeep for 9 years but next to it and maybe offering it (and me) some protection was a “Mean People Suck” sticker. I never had any problems but, come to think of it, I do think my wife mentioned a woman giving her a rash of sh*t about it once. Ain’t nuthin’ worse than a self-righteous, ornery Christian, a walking, talking oxymoron. We go to church but we try not to beat anyone over the head with our views.

Ive had one on my car for years and the only reaction I’ve ever recieved is a hand-written three page note left under my wiper. The note was obviously written by a teenage girl (with that big loopy writing) and went on and on about how she had just gotten back from bible camp and had learned that people like me had closed minds. :dubious: It was interesting for the amount of effort that had been put into it and amusing to show my coworkers…

I’m just guessing—Bakersfield? I dunno, it was the first place that popped into my mind.

And to answer the OP, I can’t imagine you having trouble. People in Southern California—even conservative portions of S. Calif.—do not live in a bubble, and they must know that in general, S. Calif. is a pretty diverse place. They must have seen the Darwin Fish before and most, I would hope, would have learned to deal with it.

But I will take this opportunity to give my little sermon about avoiding most religious/non-religious/political statements on bumper stickers, no matter where you live. I personally try to avoid putting anything like that on my car. I don’t want to be that unlucky 0.01% that gets attention from a whacko. I limit myself to cute science fiction-related bumper stickers, joke stickers or, (my favorite), Yosemite National Park stickers. Just my take on it.

I hope you saved it! If you did, will you share? :smiley:

San Bernardino and the surrounding valley. S Cali may have a reputation of being diverse, but it’s not everywhere. The city I live in, Redlands, is currently in some kinda trouble with the ACLU for having a cross on the city seal (or something like that, I haven’t cared to follow, I’m so unsurprised). They take pride in saying that they have more churches per capita than any other American city (not true, but probably close).

Yes, I can appreciate this. Thanks.

Ummmmm… Alimarx? I live in Yucaipa. Graduated from Redlands High. Sheeee-it. You’ve got no problem here. I’ve seen more DarwinFish around town over the years than you could count!

I used to have a Darwin fish, proudly displayed on the same vehicle that had my Episcopalian Church window sticker. I don’t feel evolution is at all in conflict with my Christian beliefs.

At first the darn thing kept disappearing from my bumper. Twice it vanished. I was livid at those fundamentalists removing my fish! Darn them! And in a self-rightous fit I kept replacing the fish. Then one day I found the third fish sticker lying on the pavement behind my car. It seems the glue on them isn’t that strong and the silly things were falling off the car.

I felt very foolish for jumping to conclusions.

My personal favorite is the standard “Jesus fish” (or “Truth” fish) eating the “Darwin fish.” HELLO! Talk about missing the point! (Nearly proving it, in fact! Is that a hilarious joke I’m not getting?)

Anyways, personal belief stickers/symbols don’t bother me unless they are on a business vehicle. If I see like “Joe’s Roofing - Praise Jesus!” or whatever it gives me the willies, don’t know why. It’s something that should be kept separate.

I saw a little devil fish once, with a 666 inside and horns on its head. Are there any other variations?

A nice Jewish couple that moved in down the block has a ‘gefilte fish’ on their sedan. ;j This site has some more deviant fish.

Well, the thing that bugs me about the “Darwin Fish” is that it is totally missing the point. The original fish isn’t a symbol of creationism, it’s a symbol of Christianity. I don’t know if the people who think they’re being all clever with their Darwin fish realize that the two are not the same thing.

Those things stick on? I always figured they were magnetic. Learn something new…

BTW - not all Christians disavow Darwin. I’m Catholic, and we don’t have a problem with Darwin.


I can understand your trepidition. I live in a student ghetto, across the street from a university. My residence, a duplex shared with a co-ed with whom I’m friends, is on the border between studentville and familyville.

I’ve seen the smashed windows and spray painted cars, and for that reason, it’ll only be a few days before the election when my Bush/Cheney bumper sticker goes on.

Yeah, there’s a whole bunch. I’ve got the Science/Rocket one but I haven’t put it on my car yet…

Sorry, gatopescado, I don’t think I have the note anymore. It was fascinating, I wish I’d saved it. I live in Austin (a fairly liberal, educated town) and if she went aroudn putting three page notes on vry car with a Darwin sticker, she was gonna get awfully tired.

Band name!

And was it on Hello Kitty stationary?

I had a Darwin fish on a car when I worked in the conservative Orange County, CA. I suppose it’s possible that it just came unglued, but the adhesive they use on those things is pretty strong. I suspect a local Jeezoid peeled it off. But no one ever commented on it. On the other hand…

Before the war in Iraq I had a “BUCK FUSH” sticker on my Jeep. I did get flipped off a bit. One guy was apoplectic. As he passed me on the freeway he was flailing his arms around and screaming at me. (Couldn’t hear him.) For a second I thought his head would literally explode, throwing gore all over the interior of his shiny new Mustang. (I removed the sticker when the war started, as people are too stupid to understand that Bush is not America, and there’s no way to hold a debate on a freeway. I took the replacement sticker off when I got a new job up here, since it might piss off potential customers if I took the Jeep on a sales call.)