Date advice

So I’ve been corresponding with a girl on We’ve sent 5 or 6 emails each back and forth, and we’d made a plan to meet tonight after she got off work, but she wasn’t quite sure when that was going to be. I’ve just now realized that we somehow failed to figure out a way for her to let me know when that is.

I know her first name, and the company she works for (Nordstrom’s). Would it be weird for me to call them up and attempt to leave a message for her there to call me, with my phone number?

Yes, it’d be weird.

Unless she’s a putz, she’ll realize the lack of communication thing just like you realized it, right? So send her another email with your digits and wait for her to call.

Agree – calling would be weird.

Your meeting will either take place tonight or not (or take place at all, or not, for that matter) – but trying to track her down at work comes across as creepy and/or desperate.

No. It would be a good thing. Best if you know what department she’s in, especially if she has a common name like “Jenny.”

AND NO LEGOLAND SWEATSHIRT. Bad bad bad. No. Armadillo shirt OK.

I’ll have you know that I never wear the Legoland sweatshirt any more. It has been supplanted by the Spitzer Space Telescope Fleece Jackety-thing.

Anyhow, we missed out on tonight, but we’ve talked again, and we’re meeting tomorrow night instead, this time at a clearly specified place and time, so thanks for everyone’s advice.

You have no idea the joy you have brought to my heart.

Care to scrab this week? Say Wednesday?

Can’t do it this week.
Good use of MPSIMS, by the way, as it sure as hell is M and P to every other single person in the entire dope who isn’t us.

It’s not creepy if she told you where she worked and you’re not some weird stalker who followed her all day to find out. She wants to meet you.

I would leave the email and try to call.