dating advice needed

So I go out with a girl, she seems to like me a lot the whole night, even texts me at like 1:30 am later on to do something again soon. so I call her the next night and she hasn’t returned message in 2 days. What should i do at this point? :confused:

Your post is confusing.

Have you returned her text? Is it possible that she doesn’t answer her regular phone? Is that how you contacted her?

What do you mean by what should you do? What are your choices?

returned text that night, called her cell to set up next date the next night. I guess choices are call her again tomorrow, wait a bit longer then call, or not call her again. I’m leaning towards the middle option. Don’t want to seem desperate but do want to make sure i show enough interest. Hope that clears it up a bit.

At this point you should try to make your sentences more coherent. This isn’t a text message. You aren’t limited by characters and it isn’t that hard to attempt proper punctuation and capitalization.

That aside, don’t call her again. You’ve overplayed your hand at this point, she knows you’re interested and the ball is in her court. Do not call again. Go about your business. If she calls later then you should feel out the situation and proceed with caution or sever completely, dependent on how that communication goes. If you want a completely unsolicited hunch, this girl might be trouble.

Thanks for the advice Brandon; it sounds like you know what you’re doing in this arena. ‘Over-played my hand’ is a great description of where I’m at, and your hunch unfortunately is a pretty valid assumption.

Ball’s in her court. Two days really isn’t a lot if you’re busy at all. Perhaps she solicited advice on her own and was told texting someone at 1.30 reeked of desperation. You can always try texting in a day or two. If she doesn’t return that, it’s done.

I, too, vote for moving on. But you might want to wait another day or two and try again, but with two caveats:

  1. Do not mention previous attempts to contact her. You could come off as bitter or desperate that way. Pretend it never happened.

  2. Do not text her. Call or e-mail her. Some people just don’t check various forms of communication available to them. This has been my experience a number of times recently. For instance, last spring I met a wonderful woman. Truly beautiful, smart, fun, and all-around awesome. I got both her phone number and e-mail address. Two days later, I called and left a message. No response. A couple of days later, I e-mailed her. I heard back in about an hour. We went out the next week.