Dave Daubenmire, America's New Great Villain

This guy was a high school football coach, and was fired for his “Christian” bullshit being foisted on his players. He confuses the intent of his religion of choice (Being kind to others, etcetera…) with his imagined right to be an overtly racist asshole in public.

For those of you surprised at Ohio becoming reliably red, please note that there are a surprising number of cocksuckers just like this dick-whistle running around the Buckeye State. He is basically creating the heir-apparent to the fucks at the Westboro Baptist Church.

I would like to encourage any and all sane people to bombard this monosyllabic single-celled nugget of fuck with as much trolling delight you can muster.

Thank you in advance.


Man, what a gigantic asshole. Checks all the marks of a deluded right-winger.

Says Daubenmire:

No, dude, this totally does have to do with the Indians, and you totally are calling them “dark”.

And it’s kind of odd for you to be railing against “pagans” when you’re clearly one yourself. Places radiating dark energy is not at all a Christian concept.

He’s a funny guy. In a video he released complaining about what he thought was soft-core porn during this year’s Super Bowl halftime show, he commented several times on Jennifer Lopez’s age, and added:

“You go on a porn website, you’re not looking for 50-year-old women,” he said. “You’re looking for 24-year-old women. You’re not looking for J-Lo at 50.”

I’ve seen plenty of evidence to say that he is speaking for himself there.

Calls for harassment of other people are not allowed on the SDMB, even in the Pit. Don’t post things like this again.

No warning issued.

He seems nice. And by “nice” I mean “batshit crazy”.

Plus: “Pass the Salt Ministries”? There’s a Lot to unpick there.


My most sincere apologies.

Oh, yeah, Coach Crackpot is a real gem. He regularly shows up in Ed Brayton’s round-up of Christocrazies in his Progressive Secular Humanist blog on patheos.com. Daubenmire has urged the public execution of Hillary Clinton, announced plans to sue the NFL for infecting him with a demon of pornography via Shakira and JLo’s 2020 Superbowl halftime performance, thinks the Stoneman school shooting could have been stopped if the students hadn’t been “sissy boys”, and says what America really needs is a “more violent Christianity”.

And, of course, he’s a racist and anti-Semite.

A real shining example of Christian love, ol’ Coach Crazypants.

I’d be surprised at this characterization, which appears based mostly on its vote in the last two Presidential elections.

Before that, Ohio voted for Bill Clinton twice, GWB twice and Barack Obama twice. While its Congresscritters are mostly Republican, the state has one liberal Democratic Senator and one conservative Republican Senator.

It’s hard to figure the Trump allegiance, but I expect things will return to semi-normal in Presidential politics before long.

Hey guys, c’mon - DD checks out, legit.

See? Surely the Coach Dave Daubenmire Spiritual Boot Camp Promo will show all those girly-mon types what a true X-tian is.

“Many of you are going to leave here on fire!”
“I know Him, but, He don’t know Me.”

…and inspirational concern titles like

“Our Future is at stake”
“Time is Running Out”.


Yes it is. It’s a very old Christian concept. You may not have come across it before, because not as many Western people these days talk about demons and the like.

Demons are a Christian concept, but who said anything about demons? We’re talking about a place supposedly radiating dark energy.

Agreed. You could argue that something “having an evil spirt around it” or being “demonic” is equivalent, but, in this case, the language matters. “Dark energy” is a New Age concept.

(Or an astrophysical concept, but I’m pretty sure that’s not what he is talking about.)

I hope you are right…

Well, it does. When he is there. So does the 7-11 when he goes in for his Cheetos.

I always knew there was something profoundly other-worldly about Chester Cheetah. Why does he need sunglasses, anyway? Cheetahs are native to the Sahara. Obviously they’re to protect him from all the hellfire. Crunchy cheesy snack? More like evil demon cocks!

If he meant the astrophysics concept then he is right - that site (and every other site in the universe) is radiating dark energy.

Did you learn nothing from Jack Chick? New Age “energies” are satanic activity!

I have noticed that the harder core Fundaloonies, when explaining what they’re on about, are often only loosely connected to what real theologians have had to say about the Faith for a couple thousand years.