Dave Lee Travis and A Jolly Good Show

…with sugar daddy as the producer.

I miss them.

I got a T-shirt, when my request was picked to play.:slight_smile:

This show had a global listenership. How many fans here?

Not even Brits?

Here’s a notable one. If you don’t already know who this this prepare to be surprised.

Living in the UK I didn’t listen to the World Service but I well remember DLT as a breakfast and later Sunday morning DJ. Snooker on the radio! Who could forget that?

Unfortunately there was a bit of a backlash against his ilk of pop music DJs – seen as cheesy and most uncool. For DLT this was compounded by his reaction to being dumped by Radio One, basically he walked out in a snit. Unlike some of his contemporaries he hasn’t redeemed (or ruined further) his career by appearing on reality TV. The meeting in my link above is a welcome recognition of the qualities that made him popular.

This thread was prompted by that meeting.:slight_smile:
I wanted to check if there are any fans of DLT here.

DLT! I remember him from my childhood when he was on Radio One. Glad to hear he’s still alive.

Are you a Brit?

Nope, but I lived there for 10 years. I remember all the Radio 1 (and 2) DJs - Tony Blackburn, Mike Read, Steve Wright, Jimmy Saville, Paul Gambachini, David “Kid” Jansen, Janice Long, and John Peel, of course.

But my favorite radio station was probably Radio Luxembourg. 208!