Davebears' lovelife

I have recently come back to the SDMB and saw a thread that reminded me of something. I never found out how the saga of OMFG turned out. I don’t think I have the stamina to sift through 80 pages to find out if that woman ever called back or if Dave ever did anything. Does anyone remember?

ISTR that it did not end amicably, but I could be wrong.

It was not a good thing.

Actually, QED, you’re mistaken. That post refers to a completely different situation.

To answer the OP’s question, Davebear went out with the OMGF woman one more time and that was the end of it.

:eek: That can’t be the same Davebear…can it? Well ok who else could it be. But that can’t be the same Davebear…

Here’s the orginal thread about some blond, smoking lady Davebear met at a concert (have not read entire thread) around 7/13/2003. Davebear’s last post appears to be in Novermber 2003.

Oh, My Freaking God! (Looong!)

Here is the huge blowup by Doper Maureen at Davebear 05/19/2004.
Manipulative. Rat. Bastard.

The odd thing is that she is indicating he didn’t want her to let the SDMB know they were an item so he could continue to flirt with other doper women, but at the time she posted (5/19/2004, he had not made a SDMB post in over half a year.
Was Maureen the OMFG blond smoker women? Is Davebar still alive? Are there two Davebears? What is Maureen’s favorite brand? How did that gigantic OMFG thread end?

For these answers and more tune in tomorrow to another thrilling episode of "Nicotine Theatre"

For all the rhetoric by the SDMB and Uncle Beer, and all the rancor of posters againt the 80 pages, not to mention that the anonymous community is STILL talking about this now and then, you people sure seem to have some DISTURBED fascination with all this. Why don’t y’all just fucking drop it?
Q.E.D, for being a former mod, you sure spew a lot of ignorance. Get your facts straight! You make it sound like Maureen was the blond smoker (which is not true.) Maybe you should READ a thread before quoting it.

Bringing up ancient history that should not have been posted to this board to begin with is counter productive.

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