David Caruso's annoying affectation is annoyingly annoying

CSI - Miami

You know the guy, know the show. I really enjoy the original CSI, which I’m finally getting to catch up on thru the magic of late Sunday night repeats.

I remember that I seemed to like the Miami Vice version a little bit when it came out, but a few things bothered me. Then, I lost track of the show. Now, I get to catch it a few times thru reruns and was trying to figure out if I actually enjoyed it or not.

But one thing realy bugs me about this version of the franchise: Caruso and that annoying affectation. The low voice point with absolutely no inflection, head down while looking up slightly with a bit of a sneer (or is it gas?) on his face, squinting, and making threats by inuendo. Ruins the whole show for me. Even if I try to focus on the other, less annoying characters, I start seeing little glimpses of the same affectation showing up in their performances, too.

I never saw him in NYPD Blue. Heck, I don’t think I saw two complete episodes of that show. Anyways… Did he do that in that series, too? Does he do it in the movie roles he got ( Jade, etc… ) ? Or is it just a Miami Mice thing?

Does anyone else hate his performance so much that they can’t watch the show anymore? Even tho some of the other players may be somewhat talented? Because I’m giving up on it. I never can remember when it’s on anyways, so no big loss, I guess. It was on in the background just now while I was yakking on the phone, so at least I have an explanation for this thread. What’s the explanation for his annoying affectation that is so annoyingly annoying?
Or, rebuttle. <------ funny word alert!
And yes, I know about the remote control, thank you very much. I was trying to give the show a chance. I even saw the middle third or so of at least two of the NYC version of the franchise. Had a squished guy in one. Felt a little like the last season of the X-Files, just not worth the bother. The original show of the franchise is rather well liked by me.
Beer? Got Coors or Bud, your choice.

Weird. “Point” should’ve been right before the “head down” part of that sentence and not where it ended up.

Word’s got a mind of its own, I swear.

Rebuttle? :dubious:

I only have one problem with David Caruso – and that’s that he looks like Howdy Doody.

As does Gwyneth Paltrow, but that’s a different thread.

Caruso’s delivery of lines makes me laugh.

He … Might … be…as…bad…an… actor…as…Shatner… without…the …sense…of…humor.

I walk out of the room when my wife watches this show. His character his such a prig, I sympathize with the Thugs he gets so self righteous about.

Did anyone see the episode where he races his SUV into the building about to be imploded to make a rescue. He of course gets out with seconds to spare. Made be flashback to Emergency and again without the humor.
The Tsunami episode ended the series for me. I won’t waste my time on it anymore.

Oh noo. That little face dance has been the guy’s stock-in-trade since at least NYPD Blue. When the show got big, he was the new tough-but-tender male lead that critics were going crazy over. *Boy that guy’s so intense, innie? *Wot a great actor.
I agree, the guy’s mannerisms are distracting when not downright annoying.

I once heard someone on the radio say that there should be a CSI: Miami drinking game, where you take a drink every time David Caruso puts his hands on his hips. Except you’d be unconscious before the first commercial break.

I’m with you. I like the original version, but I’ve never been able to make it through an episode of the Miami version, almost entirely because of Caruso’s annoying presence.

I think he’s trying to create the character’s persona to be something like a private detective in a 1940’s film noir type of movie. - very serious, sour, just quietly trying to get the facts.

I can’t get over the fact that I just want to punch his face in. Actually, the entire cast is filled with unlikeable folks who deserve a Gilooly job on their knees. Smug and condescending, they accuse everyone of committing crimes before the body gets cold. Caruso is the ring leader and “hero” always doing something to save a kid or helpless kitten.

I hate him, hate him, hate him, hate him, can I punch his face in now?

I gave up on CSI Miami part way through first season, and have only caught the occasional episode since. But several of my friends continue to watch the show regularly.

Here’s the thing, though: I don’t know ANYONE who likes Caruso’s performance in the series. People that otherwise love the show, people that loved him in NYPD Blue, people that have only seen him in one or two things… everyone says “that guy’s terrible!”

Anybody know someone who thinks he’s great in this role? Anyone at all?


My Wife likes the show and concedes he’s the weak point. She likes the supporting cast.

I am not a fan of the show but whenever I watch it I am left with the impression that Caruso uses his vocal affectations to get away with speaking some of the most embarassing dialogue I have ever heard. The half-witted little asides would be mortifying if delivered straight.

Although I never miss the original CSI, I can’t watch the Miami version. I just can’t take Caruso either. On my “Vincent D’Onofrio Scale of Annoyance” he’s a solid 9 out of 10.

He does seem inordinately self-righteous and smug. Then again, perhaps he has a right – I’ve seen him spot a minute bloodstain on the inside of someones watch strap from 15 feet away. In a darkened room. Wearing sunglasses.

How many of us could do that?

“And that, my friend…”
[Turns to squint towards horizon]
“… is why you…”
[Puts on sunglasses. Hands on hips.]
“… are not starring in a popular TV series.”
[Tight-lipped smirk. Allows wind to ripple through golden locks.]

My mother loves him.

It’s a shame–if you’ve ever seen Proof of Life, you’ll know that he doesn’t have to resort to those affectations. In that film, he’s full of energy, humor, and charisma without the weird speech patterns or tedious self-seriousness. He actually laughs and jokes and shows a playful side, and he’s the best thing in it (in fact, gloomy gus Russell Crowe is very Caruso-like in that film). It hearkens back to his firecracker early days (he’s memorable in King of New York, too) and is quite refreshing for someone used to only seeing him one way.

I remember liking him in NYPD Blue, but that very well may have been due to the high standard of writing in that series (something you’ll never find in CSI). He’s been the same in many of his early movies (Kiss of Death, Jade), but with PoL, I thought his career was in turnaround and he’d adapted a new, less irritating style of acting.

I was half right.

I suffer through Caruso for the sight of Emily Proctor in those tank tops. If I can’t have Scarlett Johansen, I’ll settle for a little Southern Charm. And boobage. :wink:

Sucked on NYPD Blue, sucked in that shitty bomb “Jade” and he sucks on CSI:Miami.

He makes my anal sphincter twitch. Squinting beady little eyes and hands on boney hips does not an actor make. Not to mention I hear he’s a complete dick in real life. At least so says my script-writer friend.

God I can’t stand him!! GRRRR!

Did I mention I can’t stand him?

Grrrr. :mad:

You must all be mad. David Caruso is hillarious. I’d love to see how he’d do in a family sitcom, explaining his dissatisfaction slowly and breathily to a wacky neighbor.

“You want to know how we’re going to save Christmas?”
[Remove sunglasses, pulls back jacket to put hand on hip]
“I’ll tell you.”
[Looks down, exhales deeply, looks up again]
“You… and I…”
[Tilts brow forward]
“Are going to put on a show.”
[Raises eyebrow]

Johnny Angel, that is excellent. I can absolutely see that! Does he have range or what? :wink:
ArchiveGuy, I might have to check that movie out. It’d be interesting to see Caruso act differently. He’s been the same sort of character in everything I’ve seen him in, back to that movie where Bill Murray was the tough guy and De Niro was the wimpy cop… I really can’t imagine what that’d be like.

Now be warned, it’s not a 180 degrees turnaround, but it is pretty amazing in that he doesn’t talk in ellipsis, he cracks unironic jokes, and he actually makes eye contact with people, instead of staring off into the distance (into…the sunset? his Inner Turmoil?). It’s not revelatory, but it is refreshing, and enough to make you wish he did more of it.