"Dawg"? (very mild, you sadists)

Why do people spell “dog” “dawg” when they want to portray someone using it as a slang term? Both pronunciations are exactly the same, so there’s no point. Same goes for “enuff”.


Why do they spell it “dogg”?

Why do birds suddenly appear?

Why do fools fall in love?

Who wrote the book of love?

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

What the hell does THAT mean anyway?

Depends on your accent for dawg/dog.

Enuff? No idea. Maybe they want to imply that the person who says it can’t spell. Maybe they’re on a one-person crusade to advance phonetic spelling.

Pizzabrat’s next thread:
Why do we park in a driveway and drive in a parkway?

Really, can’t you have ONE thread for all of these linguistic minutiae?

Your other threads of the same banality:
“hopefully” doesn’t mean “hope”

“jealous” and “envious” are two different words

Depending on your lect, “dog” and “dawg” don’t sound the same. For example, many American lects pronounce “cot” and “caught” differently (I don’t). The spelling difference seems to be meant to portray the same difference in pronunciation.

Cause they’re fucking idiots.

What do I win?

It reminds me of that one comedian on bumper stickers: “You know, I do not know what the big deal is. I kind of like bumper stickers myself. It is just a short cut that says ‘Hey… let’s never hang out.’”

Well, it’s simple.

If you’re my dawg, I’ll call you up to go get a beer or watch the game, or both.

If you’re my dog, I’ll put you on a leash and make you fetch my slippers.

Hope that helps.

And if you’re my Happy Scrappy Hero Pup?

I think I preferred you when all you posted about was racial conspiracies. This grammar nazi routine is wearing very thin.

If you knew how to read in between the lines, you’d see that this thread is about a racial conspiracy. I suspect the “dawg” thing stems from the tendecy of posters to emphasize that blacks are different. Since “dog” is “black” slang, authors are driven to make it look more ridiculous (as if they never employ slang themselves) by misspelling it for no reason at all. Same goes for “enuff”.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to the stupidest thing said on the SDMB for the month of August.*

*(Award given prematurally due to the fact that there is no way this could be trumped.)

Whatever. It’s called spending too much time here and on Fark.com.

Whatever, I’ll quote a mod:

What’s the deal with cancer?

Pluto is a dog.

Goofy is a dawg.

Any other questions?

Sweetheart, if I was yours, you’d be too damn tired to type. :wink:

It’s spelled “dawg” because it is slang. If someone was referring to your pet, and they spelled it “dawg”, then maybe you would have a decent gripe. But what the fuck is your problem with this? One cannot slaughter slang. By definition, slang is not classic or traditional. So why should it be spelled a specific way? The English language has many words that sound the same but are spelled differently. Why does this one bug you so much? I don’t think it’s that big of a deal, especially since it is not a real word to begin with.

This is the third spelling/grammer thread and in they are all weak as shit. You bitched about jealousy and envious because you claim that one means “wanting what you dont have” and the other means “scared of losing what you do have” or something close to that. But you can’t provide one fucking source to base that on. Every damn dictionary gives very similar definitions for the two and lists them as synonyms. The only thing you are basing your argument on is the fact that you feel they have extremely different meanings. You are crying about some modern destruction of their distinctness, yet quotes from KJV and Chaucer show their interchangeability started long ago.

Then you fucking cry a river over “hope” and “hopefully”. You might have almost had a decent point if you didn’t type the most hypocritical thing I’ve ever seen! You start off bitching about “hopefully” being an adverb and for some reason it is the only one that has been perverted into something else. And in the same fucking paragraph, you write
Unfortunately, such correct usage would probaby confuse people now, so misapplied the word has been. Out of all other adverbs, why did only this word get so perverted?” (empasis mine)
Are you fucking kidding me? Even if you could convince someone about classical usage of “hopefully” being the only correct usage, how do you justify perverting “Unfortunate” in the EXACT same manner?? That is just sad.

Oh, Christ. Nevermind. I was wrong and retract my previous post. Please, just go away.