Day Off !

Nyaah! Nyahh! I got the day off! Cause Rhode Island is the only state left that still celebrates V-J Day! So there! Nyaah! Nyaah! Nyaah!

Okay, so I’m bored and lonely. Someone shoot me now. :wink:


I have the day off too.


Yeah? YEAH? Well I’ve just started a whole month off.

OK, so I’ll be stuck at home with a three year old and no car, but I still beats ya!

Hi Euty!

I’m at work and I’m not bored at all, no sirree Bob! Nope, not bored. Got lots to do to keep me occupied. Yup yup yup. No boredom here, no way.

::stares out window at little birds fluttering so freely at the bird feeder::

::watches squirrels run and chase each other all through the trees and into the old knothole in the center of the big branch on the left::

::looks at piles of papers to be entered into system and books in need of cataloguing::


I have the day off also, which so far has been pretty boring. Except of course for all those lovely people calling me before I wanted to wake up to sell me things. I was once told there are only three things to do in this town: go to a movie, rent a movie, get drunkl…I think it is all true.

Yeah, but…

  • Connecticut has a higher percentage of Italians than RI. Don’t know why this is so important to you quahogs, but it seems to have struck a nerve.

  • RI has Buddy Cianci (allright, we have Phil Giordano, never mind).

  • RI can’t seem to build anything on-time or under budget (i.e. the Jamestown Bridge)

  • You have Jai-Alai frontons for crying out loud (Okay, we have Foxoods & Mohegan Sun - my neighbors)

I’m being too hard on the littlest of states. You do have that wonderful West Warwick shopping mecca, a decent airport, Block Island, Soupy, and I used to love the Cable Car Cinema.

Enjoy your day Euty, I’m just jealous.

Let’s talk when you get a county holiday for . . .

Kasimir Pulaski Day

That’s Cook County Illinois.

Osceola County Schools (FL) get “Rodeo Day” (opening day of the ‘Silver Spurs Rodeo’ in Kissimmee) off from school, complete with parade and the “Miss Silver Spurs” and “Little Miss Silver Spurs” beauty pageants.

Shopping mecca? Shopping Mecca??? You haven’t been to WW is a few decades, have you? Right now Main Street is completely torn up in preparation for them making it a two-way street. (I was talking to the owner of the NY System restaurant yesterday, in reply to him saying that business was slow I said that business is sure to pick up soon just from people gathered to watch all the accidents!) Our main businesses downtown in a Brooks Pharmacy and the Arctic Bar. And a liquor store which was just cited for selling to minors and whose owner turned out to be a member of the town council.

Yep … it’s just a retail wonderland here.

I was referring to Route 2/Bald Hill Rd, land of traffic jams and Walt’s Roast Beef. And we can’t forget the Christmas Tree Shop, mrs. pcubed home away from home. Maybe this isn’t really West Warwick, but that’s the exit off 95 that I take, so it’s how I think of it.

Ahhh, That’s Warwick, then. Yes, Route 2. I hear they’re just going to rename the street “Permanently Under Construction.” I remember when I was such a nice wooded drive from North Kingstown down to the malls. Now it’s pretty much shopping centers and strip malls all the way through. And more trees being chopped down and more shopping centers being built every day. AND they just got the okay to tear down the old Warwick Musical Theater to build a Lowe’s.

I agree that Walt’s Roast Beef is probably the one saving grace of the whole two mile long blasphemy. At least since Mama Ciello’s got replaced by a furniture store.

Having delusions of pavement again? Sorry Euty, someone’s had to do it…

A Lowes? That sucks. Right now I don’t go near that road from November to February, it’s going to be year round soon.

This planet is really getting teensy.

(Brief pause for a massive, nerve-shattering flashback to my recent ride on “it’s a small world after all”.)

You know the Cumberland Farms just down the way from the Shadow Valley Condos, down from the K-Mart? I used to work there.

I helped my mom move out of said condos just two years ago. Brought her out to AZ, so she could be rid of the Route 2 construction noise. Sometimes, late at night, she says she can still hear it…