Daylight savings time

I thought time really zoomed by on me, then my computer popped up a message about automatically adjusting for daylight savings time. I don’t like “springing forward” one hour. I lose sleep! Grrrr…:mad:

But isn’t it consoling to know you’ll be rewarded for your pains with an extra hour of sleep in a few months?


I’m boycotting the time change.

Georgia doesn’t need to change times. It’s all a plot by the capitalist pigdogs to make us sleepy and overspend at the mall. I know their plot and I will not be subject to it.


I grew up in a rural southern Arizona, a state which doesn’t observe DST. However, to save on the cost of airconditioning, post-Spring Break we had to be at school at 6:30A.M so that we could be dismissed at 1:30 P.M. before the hottest part of the day. All the pain of DST, and never getting the extra hour back.

Well, I have now missed the early service at church because I forgot to set the darn clock when I got home last night. Normally I wouldn’t care, but I was supposed to sing at this service (thankfully, in the choir, not a solo…hopefully the more responsible choir members showed up) and now I will be teased for at least the next two weeks. Darn time change! But since I never sleep regularly or well, the loss or gain of an hour doesn’t really make much difference.

I was camping last night and didn’t remember anything associated with the real world. Didn’t miss it and didn’t care, either.

I couldn’t be more happy about the increased daylight later in the day. As a matter of fact, I think that DST should become the standard for the whole year. It is mid-winter, when it gets dark at 4:15 that makes me want to pour gasoline over my head and light it just to get a little illumination.

Another one of that precious (and thankfully numerous!) moments where I learn new things from the SDMB!
I didn’t know that, in the U.S., regions can decide whether to align or not; I always thought it was fixed for everyone there.
But the dates when to switch to DST (and back) if you obey are the same everywhere, no? I remember hearing, when the EU adjusted the different national switching dates a few years back that Europe would now have the same DST period as America.

And, of course, some pedant(me) has to come along and remind people that it is “Daylight Saving Time” not Savings.

Yes, we lose sleep, but we can stay out later when its light.
Heck, I wish the sun went down at 10 p.m. all year round!
The latest it goes down is 9:05 here.

Last night, around 1:45pm, I’m just about asleep, and my SO sits up really quickly and says “Oh shit!”

I ask what’s wrong? (freaking out a little)

He says : “It’s not 2. It’s 3! Daylight Saving Time!”

The man wakes me up and scares the $@#& out of me to announce that. If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t be annoyed at DST today.

Be glad you don’t work graveyards (like me) - DST means the lose of an hour’s wages (of course, I get it back in the fall).

I LIKE DST, since, up here in the Northern reaches of the USA, it would mean the sun rising around 4am in the summer without it. Why not have the light when more people are awake to use it?

I always laugh at the farmers who claim that DST throws off their cow’s milking schedules. The cows have NO IDEA what time it is. Just admit that it messes up YOUR schedule and get on with it.

Unfortunately, no. One of my computer systems at work had problems last week when Germany and the UK made their switch to DST on March 31st, a week ahead of the US.

(Another of my programs tripped up because the switch to and from DST doesn’t occur simultaneously across the US - it happens on the west coast three hours after it happens on the east coast, for example. AARRGGH!!!)

My boycott isn’t going well. I tried to explain it to the lady at the store,but all she’d tell me was that they were closing and I had to leave. I think she’s in league with them.
I’ll change my clocks, but I won’t like it. Not one little bit.

I love daylight savings time! It’s wonderful for those of us who get really depressed when they leave work/school for the day…and…it’s…pitch…black…outside. Eeeech. And right now, it’s 7:00 PM and twilight doesn’t begin for about a half hour! :slight_smile:

I say we just all use GMT and change working hours as the season’s change.

Maybe that’s just because I’m used to doing shift work :slight_smile:

Hey hey, watch your language around here!

Well, Arizona is just screwed up. The state doesn’t change, but the Navajo Indian Reservation inside the state does. But the Hopi Indian Reservations, inside the Navajo Reservation, doesn’t. So things definitely are not fixed here. :smiley:

I love Daylight Saving Time. I love the weird anomalies that we humans have constructed for ourselves. 12 inches=a foot. 60 seconds to 60 minutes to 24 hours–and don’t forget a.m. and p.m. 16 oz. equals a pint, 2 pints to a quart, four quarts to a gallon (some of that may be wrong). Nine innings in a baseball game, three periods in hockey, eighteen holes in golf, and the Preakness Stakes is a mile and a half. The metric system is great for scientists, who need a universal standard, but for your everyday measuring and timekeeping I think the old, bizarre ways are the best. I like the fact that every time I measure a yard of something (which, to be honest, isn’t that often), I’m basing my measurement on an inaccurate portrait of the arm of a long-dead king.

I like the messiness of daily life and the way messiness picks up momentum and a system forms itself out of, and based on, the messiness. They say the Devil is in the details, but I must add that God is in the details too.

Life is messy, thank God.

You’re right, you did make a mistake. It’s 20 oz to a pint.

:smiley: ::d&r::