DC Dopers: July 15th Geo-birthday Dopefest, anyone?

Having already made arrangements to forgo the pleasure of working on my birthday, I thought I’d extend an invitation to the DC area Dopers (and others who like to travel, I suppose, if any are so inclined) to join me for my 37th birthday celebration.

Date: Sunday, July 15th
Time: TBA, probably dinner, but I am open to doing lunch if a majority of folks indicate they’d prefer earlier.
Location: The Tortilla Factory restaurant in Herndon, VA. Possible post-meal gathering at my home.

Note: In an attempt to ward off posts of the “Gee, I’d love to come but I’m a newbie/lurker/victim of terminal low self-esteem” type, I wish to emphasize that ALL Dopers are invited. That includes you.

Sounds like fun. Birthday, huh? Guess I’ll need a present.
::Weirddave wanders down to the docks, looking for a dead fish::

I will make a considerable effort to be there, pleasant, and all that delightful stuff.

What would Geobabe like to add to her collection of “shit people gave me that was of some discernible use/value”?

Forget the presents, how many spankings do I get to give you? :D:D:D

You’re gonna be 37?

Oh, sweet Jesus, tell me you’re kidding.

When I saw you at Jonathan Chance’s house, you didn’t look a day over 25. Max.


OK, so I’m sucking up to a beautiful woman. Sue me.

Anyway, happy birthday in advance.


Hmm… how about a tentative yes? I’ll let you know as soon as possible, either way.


In a row?

Sorry I won’t be around to make this one, but best wishes anyhoo!

You’re not the only one who was surprised. I am developing this inability to read stuff at various times in the day and I read “37” and thought “Okay . . . I think now I need to see a doctor about this, because I’ve read 37 five times.”

Anniz is in her late 30s, too, and you would not know it in either case from looking at them, talking to them, etc.

There are people 30 years old who wish they looked as good as Geobabe does at (apparently) 37.

And hon? You really should lie about your age, 'coz you could get away with it. Bad:)

[sub]Hoping that got taken the way it was meant . . . [/sub]

:: wrapping up Brady Anderson in a red satin ribbon and nothing else ::


I’d better keep him at my house until the big day.


jarbabyj, have I told you lately that I love you? Take good care of my fella, OK? Wouldn’t want him to get damaged in transit or anything.

And to everyone else, though it is a birthday party, and as much as I like prezzies, it is really not necessary to bring one. Though, of course, if you absolutely INSIST on bringing something, I’ll take it. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the compliments, boys…yes, I could lie about my age, but it’s so much more fun to watch the shocked reactions. :smiley:

It’s sort of a trade-off, I think. I find out you’re 37, which I think dashed Airman Doors’ hopes:) And 37 is entirely too life-experienced for anyone under 25, I’m thinking.

::adds Geobabe to the list of dopers to put in his young-o-matic when it’s invented::

Not necessarily. :smiley:

Oh, come on, Geobabe. You’d kill the lad! Or at least ruin him for a decade or so.

Stick with those of us who have been around the block a time or two.

Why do I get the sinking feeling there are dopers who’d hurt me?


Well, not intentionally, punkin, but I do think manny has a point.

Let it be known, one and all, that a woman as cool as Geobabe is NEVER too old for me.

I think it’s more like I’m too young and inexperienced.

Not that I would be unwilling to learn, though. :wink:

Geobabe? Tortilla Factory?

No-brainer. I’ll be there.

Any chance it can be an early dinner, though? That’s a long drive back for those of us on the other side of the area, especially if we have to work the next day. :slight_smile:

I may try to make this one for totally selfish reasons…MY birthday is on the 16th. I can have a vicarious party THROUGH you.


Wooo, so we’ll see…maybe I’ll even get a family member or two to go so if my car dies on the way AGAIN I’ll have company…

I’ll probably be there too.

iampunha wrote:

> Anniz is in her late 30s, too, and you would not know it
> in either case from looking at them, talking to them,
> etc.

So does this mean that Montfort is not robbing the cradle, but robbing Leisure World?

I have no earthly idea what Leisure World is, but Anniz is certainly robbing the cradle:)

Though what cradle has men in their late 20s? I imagine the diapers must be really nasty stuff!