DC Lunch Bunch?

Y’all still doing that? Anything planned for this Friday?

Yes, we still do that.

We met last Friday, but one of our new regulars, Aguecheek (No longer No Longer Patrick) got silly and forgot to check the thread. So, I guess we can get together this Friday. (Well, I can; maybe Anniz, too, I’ll ask her in the morning.)

You gonna be in town?

I live in town. :slight_smile:

Then you might want to update your profile:

Anyway, bump the official DC Lunch Bunch thread (linked above) and see what the others say.

Silly? I was relying on everyone to be as regular as clockwork, and as bound by the calendar as I am. Silly. Huh.

But as it happens, I’m as free for lunch this Friday as I was last Friday, so I’m down to that.

[sub]Are we going to be using this thread from now on, or are we going to keep the longest-running thread on the board alive?[/sub]
Ah! I see on preview that we will indeed be keeping the thread alive. Peachy.

Done and done.

And I mean done! :slight_smile: