DE-Banded Chicago Bands You Miss

Just taking a trip down memory lane here-- so lay it on me-- great bands from chicago (indie or otherwise) that have since been disbanded-- or de-banded- or just don’t really play live much anymore.that you really miss… here’s a couple of mine—

Stump The Host
Verbow (the orginal line up)
Shrimp Boat

The Bad Examples.

Oh, and

The Bad Examples.

Did I mention The Bad Examples?

Err…“Chicago”? Or were they not actually from there?

Naked Raygun

YEAH- Bad Examples- they were great!
Ralph Covert is doing children’s music now- I think…

Yep. Good stuff, too. I -briefly- interned for his label a few years back.

The Jesus Lizard.

Actually, I’ve missed them since 1995. I like to pretend that those last couple albums didn’t really happen. There’s a few good tracks here and there but overall they were a huge letdown.

Paul Butterfield Blues Band
–mostly a-gonner

Jeeze, most of the Chicago bands of my youth are still going not matter how hard you might wish they’d go away. Just when you think one’s gone, say, the Mauds, you drive past a bar where they’re playing. I swear, the only way they go away for good is if the main members die. Therefore, I present:

Paul Butterfield Blues Band (Paul is dead)
Rotary Connection (Minnie Ripperton’s dead, but not before giving us Maya Rudolph)
Baby Huey and the Babysitters (Baby Huey’s dead)

Of course if you start on the bluesmen the list is vast and depressing.

The Smashing Pumpkins must be in this thread.

Also, didn’t Joan of Arc break up? And Slint, of course.

I always thought (not sure) that Slint was from Louisville, KY.

Smashing Pumpkins

I’m a little disappointed that Seven Red Seven stopped making music right when they started hinting towards reaching their full potential. The Acceleration.7 ep kicks ass.

Urge Overkill!!!

No, you’re right mouthbreather. Slint are from KY.

Don’t know where I got the idea they were from Chicago.