Dead Like Me 2.01

When I started watching this show last year, I thought it was a rip-off of Six Feet Under, but it grew on me and I realized that it’s very far from that show. It grew on me and I’ve really been looking forward to the second season.

It starts of a little hesitantly, maybe trying to recapture too much of what went on a year ago. There’s some great tragedy and interesting development with George’s former family in this ep, but on the whole I thought it was threading water a little too much.
Another thing that bugged was the use of profanity. I don’t mind hearing profanity, it doesn’t disturb me. But it almost felt tacked on, with a little glee: “We’re on cable, so we can get away with ‘fuck’ and ‘shit’, he-he-he”. It felt contrived at times.

Other than that, good to see the show again.

Got caught up-to-date by watching several episodes on “On Demand”. Am looking forward to this season. I see Jasmine Guy’s character is now a police officer. Much greater potential for interaction with the weirdies she seems to attract. I can’t remember her name but, the blond actress character has got to go. Enjoyed her predecessor, and am looking forward to her inevitable supplanter. She doesn’t fit in to the ensemble cast. I don’t know if it’s her attitude, voice, stage presence[or her actual acting talent] I just wish she was gone. I realize it gives much more opportunity for confrontation, but these reapers have enough problems as it is.

I think it’s just me, but it seemed as if they didn’t cuss as much as last season. It seemed that when they cussed this time, it wasn’t just for the sake of it.

The season premier did make me want to watch the rest of the episodes. I want to see if Mason goes back to drinking. He is such an ass, but I like him for some odd reason.

I’m normally heavily against divorce, but George’s parents need to spilt up. It’ll be best for her sister. It’s weird that the father blames his wife for George’s death.

But I do feel sorry for George. Being dead has really screwed up her plans. I want to see her happy (she’s so pretty when she smiles), but death doesn’t have her happiness in store. She found a guy she likes, can’t be with him. She got a promotion, can’t accept. And she got a flower, had to take the womans soud. Man, sucks to be her.

Anywho, I will be watching, and when I get money, I’ll be buying the first season.

(What exactly do the reaper’s do? What happens if they don’t touch the person?)

If the reapers don’t touch the person before they die, they go in to the afterlife in whatever shape they are in after they die. So if you were supposed to die by blown up and you didn’t take their soul before the explosion, then you would go in to the afterlife in multiple pieces.

In Season 1, George had to go take a soul from someone in a morgue.

Thank you. I could never really piece together what they had to do. It makes sense now.

“Whose Bacchus”

“He’s the Greek god of read a fucking book.”

Heh. I really enjoy this show.

I thought it was okay. Not much of a season opener to me. There are still some unresolved issues from last season, like what happened to the reaper who was taken away. Too predictable with George’s parents, I think. And her sister has become too normal. Anyway, maybe it’ll get better. I’ll still watch.

They really went through the permutations last seasons to close all the possible loopholes George could use to get out of taking souls.

If she diectly intervenes and saves a life, the saved person’s soul will rot inside it’s body.

If she fails to take a soul, the person will die anyway, be trapped inside the corpse (until the reaper shows up to collect) and be forced to take the wounds of their death (and autopsy) with them.

If she indirectly intervenes and prevents a person from showing up to their appointment, the universe tries to correct the glitch, with often catastrophic consequences. In addition, the reaper is tormented by gravelings.

I initially started watching the show because Mandy Patinkin is in it and I’d watch him read the yellow pages. But I keep watching because it’s a great show. I don’t think the cussing is over the top (have you ever watched Deadwood?), it feels natural to me, but then I, and almost everyone in my office, swears constantly.

“He’s the Greek god of read a fucking book.” Brilliant line and one I’m going to have to remember.

Except, and forgive the nitpick, wouldn’t Bacchus be the “Roman god of read of a fucking book?”
Oh, and if you can either 1) have Mandy sing in just one episode, or 2) have him give me a hug and call me “peanut”, I’d be eternally grateful.

OK…settle the bet with my SO and me…is Mason the same Mason as last year?

I think it is a different actor, thus the comment, “do I look different since I stopped drinking or smoking” or is it the same actor who went through re-hab or something? I think he looks different, but my SO thinks he is the same guy.

Other than that…I continue to watch the show, although to be honest, I don’t think I get the point.

George can’t go back to her family by definition, yet we see her hovering there.
They never really go into the back stories of those who die, so they are sort of just…people who die. Who cares?
The whole group of them don’t seem to like, or interact with each other that much.
George’s job at Happy Smile (or whatever it is called) is kind of, eh…
And yet I watch this show.

Can anyone tell me why?

I’ll stick with the show for a while but I hate the scenes with George’s family. No reason for it. Its almost enough to drive me away.

The storyline involving George’s family feels like filler and is tiring. To me, it is similar to the Brenda character in Six Feet Under, something used when it becomes too tough to write about the same people for an hour. Throw something else into the mix, even if it has nothing to do with the core character(s) of the show. Perhaps tie-in the diverging storyline in a few episodes later to waste more time. I’m betting George tries to get her parents back together later in the season and perhaps gets in trouble with Mandyfor her efforts.

I watched the season finale of S1 about two hours before the first episode of S2, and I’m as confident as I can be (without looking it up) that it’s the same guy. The voice is the same.

It’s the same guy.

Anywho, I was watching some earlier episodes and something dawned on me.

“Millie” is who people other than reapers see. But “Millie” is rather unattractive. George is pretty, but not her form that alive people see. So then why was Brandon attracted to her? Was he attracted to “Millie” even though she’s ugly, or did the writters make a mistake?

In the second episode of the season, the man who Daisy had to reap died beacuse the dresser fell on him. If Daisy didn’t go into his store, he would not have had to put the mirror back and therefore he would not have died. So, daisy caused his death. Can reapers do that?

Well, Rand, if you’ll remember that ep in the first season with the schizophrenic guy, it was a very similar situation. He fell out of the balcony where he’d been sitting with George and landed on the bride and groom, killing all three of them. If he hadn’t been following George, he wouldn’t have been in that church at all. If he hadn’t gone upstairs with her, he wouldn’t have been in a position to fall on the newlyweds and squash them. Yet all three appointments were scheduled in advance. Remember Rube telling George to go shopping because they were going to a wedding Saturday? Apparently even reapers serve destiny.

That makes a lot of sense, thank you for answering. But do you happen to know the answer to my first question too?

No, I’m not sure if they’re prettifying Millie or if Millie gives off some kind “I don’t give a rat’s ass” aura that men find unspeakably attractive, or what. The actress they had playing Millie last season certainly doesn’t seem to be a good candidate for the role of Office Hot Chick, with Brandon and all the tech guys panting after her. Then again, tech guys can have some non-mainstream tastes, so maybe they are all panting after Millie as we saw her last season.

Don’t forget also that they established pretty early on that Brandon wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. Maybe he didn’t know any better that “Millie” isn’t supposed to be attractive.

I knew he was stupid, but damn. I’m guessing Daisy’s undead form is beautiful too.