What no 8-15 Dead Like Me Thread?

An uneven episode for me. I didn’t think the deaths were that great. I did like the “slurpee”. One conclusion I have come to is that I hate George’s mother and Reggie. Too bad it was live or else I would fast forward through their parts. What did you think?


Overall, I thought it was a good episode. There were some funny parts, like when George talks about her first reap of the day, the man who tried to fix his lawnmower, and succeeded. Towards the end, some very moving. Like the guy who wanted to be a woman got taken away in the church, and the old man going to find his deceased wife. Very touching. I felt sorry for Ethan. He was just trying to help, and when George smashed the origami bird, that was when he snapped. You could tell George was genuinly remorseful over what she did. Even though she was acting mean the entire day, she didn’t really want to hurt anyone. But I do have to say, when she was acting mean, for some reason, she looked even hotter than usual. I don’t know. I guess I’m reinforcing what they were saying on the show. If you withhold the love, people want it more. And the way she walked…

Doloris is always a hoot. Just the things she says can get you if you don’t listen close enough, “Back when I had all those restraining orders against me, I thought hate was the answer.”

A lot of people dislike the fact that Daisy’s finding religion. I think it’s a good thing. We finally see her start to grow as a person. Last season, she was just a vapid, selfish person who did nothing but talk about her sexual exploits. Now we start to see her depth. What more she has to offer.

Roxy’s awesome. But I can’t help but get the feeling that her toughness is all an act. When the voice over said something to the tune of, “when you just pretend to be something you’re not” we get a shot of Roxy. Keeping in mind the way she died, it would make sense that she set up a barrier to the people she lets in.

Rube is, as always, the fatherly type. He’s ready to take over when there’s trouble, but is glad to let the others handle it themselves. And when they do right, you can see the pride in his eyes.

Mason’s finally starting to take responsibility. And he’s back to drinking. That’s a shame.

One of the pool scenes gives us an insight as to why George is the way she is. She is sarcastic. That’s one of the things we love about her, but why? As stated in last weeks episode (Gost Story) she uses sarcasm to keep people away. I think she keeps people away because of the betrayl she felt when her “friend” pushed her into the pool. George did the right thing by not pulling the bow that holds her friend bathingsuit, but she got screwed over. While George is in the pool, we see Gravelings come out. As one goes after George, the other holds it back, whispering something in its ear. The other then backs off, and they both go back into the pipe. So, I guess we’re to be led that George was destined to be a Reaper the whole time, and that makes sense. How else would we explain the fact that she is the only reaper that can see Gravelings head one. Not like the other reapers who can only see them from the corner of their eyes.
I did like the way they used Reggie to reinforce the Betrayl subplot. Reggie thought the salesgirl was trying to help her. But when she went back to the store, she saw her play the same game on another girl. Reggie is already messed up as it is. She doesn’t need anything else to help with that.

I really do enjoy this show.

Wow, I am spending way to much thought on a television show.

Can George see Gravelings head-on, or is that just an artifiact of the fact that we viewers can always see them? My brother said the same thing, but it seems to me that the others act just the same around them. George reacts a bit more, maybe, but she’s both the focus of the show and not yet acclimated to them yet.

George can see Gravelings head-on. The others can only see them out the corners of their eyes.

Lets see, she’s dead and found out there is an afterlife. Wouldn’t you find religion too?

But the reapers don’t know who they’re working for? They just know they have to do the work. So they are unsure of whether the dead are going off to a better place.

Just like in the first season when one of the Reapers jumped into a light and Rube left a Post-it on his door for the guy making the delivery “What happened to her?”

Oooh, that’s one of the episodes from last season I didn’t see! I know how Betty died, and Mason, but I don’t know how Roxy or Rube died. Tell me, please. Please? Plllleeeeeaaaase?

Yes, how did Roxy die? (A question I never thought of in my Catch Me Up thread.)

Overall I liked this one. Reg and her mother are grating on me less in this episode than they have been, which can only be a good thing - assuming, at least, it continues. I really felt sorry for Reg when her little illusion was broken. (How old is Reggie? Another question I never though of.)

Theo was…priceless. Gonna be a while before ‘balls’ won’t make me snicker. … OK, won’t add a reason to why I’m snickering. And I loved how Mason finally convinced him to move his nekkid ass to the other side.

Sidenote: Frankly, Mason’s a much more tolerable character as a functioning alcoholic than a recovering one. I hope he stays off the wagon. (Well, there’s a sentence I never thought I’d write.)

Is it me, or did the Gravelings at the end seem to have a little more character than usual?

I was a little pissed when George just passed Ethan by without at least attempting to apologise. (I was particularly hoping she’d apologise, and he’d tell her to stuff it.)

Daisy’s reap (Stan?) was interesting. Fuck of a death. I was a little worried about how the character would be treated, but they came across well enough.

Roxy’s the one that invented Leg Warmers and was strangled by her friend who wanted the money for themselves. She was betrayed for money. After that, I wouldn’t trust anyone either, even if I already was dead.

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We don’t know how Rube died. I’m thinking it was a suicide because in the beginning, they said they work in the the “Murder, accident, and suicide” division. Roxy was murdered. Mason, Daisy, Betty, and George died in accidents. So we need a suicide, and that could explain why Rube always has a guilt feel about him. He had a daughter, so maybe he feels he must be fatherly to the reapers to make up for abandoning her and her mother. Or I could be completely off.

Reggie’s 11 or 12, and she’s got some issues. Part of it is just that she’s an odd little duck who’s never likely to really fit in, no matter what she does. She has this sort of Wednesday Addams vibe, sometimes. (Or as George put it in the dead bird episode, she acts like the Princess of Weird.) Part of it is being the age she is,and part of it is her having trouble dealing with George’s death. And part of it is the family environment she grew up in, where they’re all kind of isolated from one another and from the rest of the world. I think Joy sees this last part and is trying to head it off before Reggie becomes the way George was when she died. Given the circumstances, she’s got a serious uphill battle in front of her.