Dead Man's Chest, Piratres of the Caribbean

There was a previous thread on this topic that seems to have fallen off the front page. I was reading it, but the issues presented did not cover the issues that I have with it.

SPOILER! If you haven’t seen it you need not continue in this thread.

I enjoyed the first movie. A new humerous take on a genre that captivated my attention through books in the 1950s. Swashbucklers and all that. Scenes of skeletal weirdos were a bit hard to swallow but fit in with the skull and bones concept.

But the entire flying dutchman scenes in “Dead Man’s Chest” with characters more in keeping with the star wars genre bears no relevance to Carribean folklore.

And the historical Flying Dutchman never was sighted in the Carribean.

Giant magical octopii doesn’t fit as well. Ridiculous !

If I wasn’t with someone else I’d have walked out of the theatre.

Yet some of the other scenes were priceless. The shikabob scene in particular.

Don’t forget the part about elizabeth sucessfully blending in with the all male sailing crew.

“Dude, must be the weeks at sea but that pirate dude is hot!”.

Two questions:

What the hell is a “Shikabob”, and which scene in the move involved one?

a) I think the OP is talking about a shish-kebab

b) and the scene

where Jack is trussed up by the natives and held over a burning fire to be cooked and subsequently eaten. And I have to say, the ‘language’ they spoke was hilarious. :smiley:

To the OP: dude, if you’re looking for any kind of historical accuracy, you really, really, *really *aren’t going to find it in the Pirates of the Caribbean series. It’s a Disney movie–relax, suspend your disbelief, and enjoy.

Def. A leader of an Arab family or village. on a stick. :smiley:

Just saw the movie this afternoon and I’m still digesting it, I think. Off hand my feeling is there is a lot less playful interaction and more CGI action/violence. Seems to have a somewhat darker overall tone, much like the way the Harry Potter series has progressed.
I did however enjoy the movie a lot and would highly recomend it to friends.

Seems like the difference in smell alone would have been a real tip-off! :smiley: