Saw Pirates 2...

I just saw Pirates and it was awesome. I begged my way into an advanced screening, and although now my first born child now belongs to the pigmy slave trade, I got to see it dammit~

And it was phenomenal. I was a big fan of the first, not a dressing up and fainting at the premiere fan…but a fan none the less, and I thought this one stakced up brilliantly. It wasn;t a cheap trick, trying to ride the coat tails of the first as so many sequels are… and the ending was such a great cliffhanger, I am already foaming at the mouth for the third.

I saw it last night (working in a theater and being friends with the projectionist has its perks), and liked it alot. The ending, however, made me mad. All buildup, and no climax.

So my reccomendation is that if you don’t absolutely positively have to HAVE to see it right NOW, wait until the third one is out, or almost out, and then watch it.

Really, I liked the ending, I thought it was exciting. I think its difficult to give too much when it is the end of the middle movie. It is kinda like one big film cut into three, I thought it was cliffhanging…

haven’t seen it yet…I’m a HUGE fan; just rewatched the 1st & remembered how much I love it. Have been debating with myself whether to go or not…and you guys are just no help at all!

(PS - I work in a bookstore & all the little Disney tie-in books give the ending away, dang em. Yes, I know I don’t Have to flip through them when I put them away.)

No help? C’mon gimme more cred than that. How can you even think of debating going to see this if you are a huge fan??? Get with it, and go to the midnight showing to reinstate yourself as a TRUE fan after such dirty words.

Debating… ::shakes head in disgust:: :wink:

Well, sheesh…it’s just that it can’t possibly be as good or as much fun as the first one…and it’s getting bad reviews…
Oh to heck with it. I’ll be there.

I thought it was pretty bad. It was cut up too much in some sections. They are doing one thing, then all of the sudden they are doing something else. Dumb way to end it too.

no way, i thought the end was a perfect cliffhager for getting you ready for the third.

Michaela watches Disney Channel a lot (a LOT), and during the run-up to the first movie, the Movie Surfers had a segment (aired several times) with Johnny Depp, in which they ask him to describe what’s going on with his teeth. Depp revealed that he had some kind of grotty foil bonded to his choppers to realistically simulate gold teeth in Jack Sparrow’s mouth, and that he kept his mouth looking like that throughout filming.

This year, in all of the trailers I’ve seen for the new movie, I’ve looked for Cap’n Jack’s teeth, to see if he repeated the process. And every time I actually saw his teeth, they look movie-star white and movie-star straight. Did they work some kind of magic on the final print to make his teeth look nasty, or did they introduce a continuity error?

Please, let’s not get into a big discussion of what does and doesn’t constitute a continuity error. I really just want to know if the final product has a boo-boo.

Haven’t seen the movie, but in the recent Newsweek feature on Depp, he specifically mentions wearing fake gold tooth fronts for the filming of both sequels. Apparently the process of bonding them on and then removing them is such a hassle that he left them in during the break between shooting the two films. In fact, if you look at the photos on the cover and in the article, his mouth is closed because he had the fronts on during the photo shoot.

I hope you realize just how irresponsible this was. There’s a good reason why there’s a pigmy slave trade: some people don’t have the extra space for full-sized slaves. Sadly, all too many “pigmy slave traders” are really nothing of the kind; instead they exploit the public’s demand for pigmy slaves by falsely representing children as fully mature pigmies. Oh if I only had a nickel for every time I’ve heard somebody lament that they were decieved into buying a small child instead of a genuine pigmy slave.

What do you think most people will do when they’re sold a “pigmy slave” that turns out not to be a genuine pigmy after all? Do you think they’ll just say, “Oh dear, it looks like our slave is outgrowing his box; we’d better add a new wing onto the house?” No, they’ll just drive him out to some remote rural area and turn him loose when he gets too big. Sooner or later, introduced populations of feral slaves start doing major damage to the local ecosystem, especially in areas where native predators such as pine martens have been eradicated.

I’m glad you enjoyed the movie, but that’s really no excuse for helping to defraud some poor slaveowner. Unless your first born child is in fact a genuine pigmy, in which case nevermind.

Aye, it did a good job in that. But it’s the whole setup. Saw it coming a mile away. Obviously can’t get into too much but alot of the movie was either predictable or incomplete. The first 5 mins of the film was hashed. I mean, what did Jack do? It starts with the setting then flashes to the end leaving you to wonder wtf just happened.

I hope it has Colon and Nobby – uh, I mean, the tall chubby guard and the short sawed-off guard. SOLDIER! I meant soldier! :smiley:

Looking very much forward to it.

To quite a friend of mine: This trilogy is the Star Wars of my adult life. The second movie has so much more depth and complexity than the first! And a lot of fun jokes that refer to the first, too! It’s a seperate, self-contained universe, which does give it an advantage over, say, Superman.

For the third, though…they NEED to have at least a cameo by Dr. Syn, or I’ll be disappointed. The Scarecrow deserves a resurrection!

And I want Kiera much more often than Knightly! What does it say that I like her better in pirate clothes than in a gown?

Check her out in King Arthur. Worse Movie. Better costume for Keira.

I took the wife and kids yesterday and we all enjoyed the movie. My wife was laughing a lot and often, my six year old son did very well with the scarier parts. I found it a lot of fun. I had some nitpicks over a certain legendary ship, but I was able to suspend my disbelief and objections and really enjoy the roller coaster ride of the film.
Will part three be out for Xmas?


I saw it last night. This is a dog. The action scenes were too silly. To quote Mr. Cranky,

About the only thing I have to look forward to in the third and hopefully last iinstallment is seeing Keith Richard playing Sparrow’s dad.

Wow, I feel rather in the minority with you Burrido and BobLibDem. I thought it was OK in parts. I looked at my watch twice, which I never do during movies. I thought it was disjointed and I agree that “They are doing one thing, then all of the sudden they are doing something else.” If it’s done skillfully, cuts like that can be fine, but I found it jarring and arbitrary. I thought an entire subplot (East India Company) should have been either cut or closely cropped - it simply gave me another group of people I never got to know well enough to care about to distract me from Captain Jack - who, admit it, is the only reason to see a PotC movie! I also didn’t need to know that much detail about William’s motivation: just tell me he has a quest to fufill for a power crazy dude, and that’s all I need, thanks. No need to go back to power crazy dude ever again. (And I couldn’t follow what was going on re: the chick, her dad and England. Whatever. Too many words.)

I’m torn on the ending. The long ass movie I was watching didn’t **have **an ending - it was a two hour commercial for the next movie! I liked the last scene, but there was a distinct lack of climax before it. The part that I think was supposed to be the climax:

Jack’s “death” at the teeth of the Kraken. was filmed and paced exactly like the two (or was it three?) similar scenes not involving Our Hero earlier in the movie. That’s not climactic. Pissed me off.

I saw it today and thought that it was terrific fun. I laughed far more than I did at the first one and thought it had far more memorable bits of business.

As for the ending - it had a perfect one followed by a coda/advertisement that seems to have discomfitted many. I liked it’s “Back To The Future” cheesiness.

I liked the coda, really I did.

Interesting that you bring up Back to the Future. That’s a perfect example of story/climax/resolution/coda as enciting incident that works well. The climax:

Marty’s playing at the dance, disappearing piece by piece, waiting for his father to grow a pair and punch Biff out. Finally, he does, Marty’s back whole, and finished the song with vim and vigour.

is followed by plenty of wrap-it-up resolution, as well as a mini-climax:

Marty gets back home, finds out Doc is ok and his family is stronger than ever, Biff is subdued, Marty’s girlfriend still loves him, etc.

And then, and only then, does the coda/ad for the next movie/enciting incident for the next movie happen, when:

Doc interrupts his moment with the girlfriend to tell him he needs to come with him because his (and girlfriend’s) kids are a mess in the future.

It’s the first two parts I felt were missing in PotC2, a clear climax and, more importantly, a resolution of *this *story, before starting in on the next.