Dead puppies aren't much fun.

Chihuahua Smackdown. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Who is the more socially repulsive: The greedy asshole who sold a Cha-hoo-ah-hoo-ah before it was weaned, or the woman who thought it appropriate to flog another person with a dead dog. How large could a 4-week old rat-dog be, anyway? Hardly large enough to use to deliver a beating with, I would think. Animal floggings are getting out of hand, in my opinion. What’s next, squirrel lashings? Box turtle bashings?

Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with our society?

I would hope they’re also considering animal cruelty and mistreatment charges against the breeder for releasing a 4-week-old puppy to a customer.

I’d say the former. The woman who bought the puppy had the sense to take it to a vet, and the puppy was already dead when she decided to use it as a weapon. The breeder SOLD A 4-WEEK OLD PUPPY. I can totally understand the woman’s rage, though I probably would have picked something other than a puppy to beat the breeder with.

What’s the difference between a truck full of dead puppies, and a truck full of bowling balls?

…naw, I won’t go there.

Is it just me or is anyone else replaying the MP pet shop sketch in their head?

Beautiful plummage! :smiley:

(meh… just me, eh?)

They don’t come when you call
They don’t chase squirrels at all
Dead puppies aren’t much fun

The truck of dead puppies is easier to unload.

Want to know why? Hint: It is the same reason dead babies are easier to unload than bowling balls.

The reason:

You can use a pitchfork to unload dead puppies.

“Hoist with her own Cha-hoo-ah-hoo-ah.”

William Shakespeare

I’ll go with cry on this one. Everyone is an asshole in this story who shouldn’t be around animals for a good long time. Releasing a four week old pup? Abusing a poor animal’s corpse? It’s all a nightmare.

I know chihuahuas are an international joke amongst everyone and ‘they’re not even really a dog’ and all that, but I have one sleeping next to me on the chair right now and my heart would break if anything happened to him.

No, it’s not just you. I also pondered how big a dog would have to be before they are too bulky to be effective weapons.

Your average dead rottweiler would be too heavy to lift. I’d go with the sporting class, maybe a springer spaniel. Yes, I’m going to hell.

My dog is a chihuahua, and he’s no slouch, pushing 14 pounds, he’s got some heft. I think you could leave a mark, especially if you left his toenails long.

Yeah, but the one in the story was only four weeks old before it started pining for the fjords. That can’t be much more than a slight step up from attacking someone with a Beanie Baby. The breeder probably deserved something a little more substantial.

That’s exactly what we have, such as it happens. But if we wanted revenge on the breeder, the best method would probably be just bringing the dog back alive. :smiley:

If we’d like to put jokes aside, the breeder deserves to have all of her animals taken away and her breeder’s credentials removed (assuming she has them)

As someone whose beloved childhood pet was a chihuahua, anyone who says they’re not real dogs is liable to get an earful from me, at the least. When I get the time to properly care for a dog, I’m getting me another chihuahua.

I also wonder if the woman’s actions were actually “violently shaking the dead chihuahua in the breeder’s face to show the effects of the breeder’s stupidity” and this later got exaggerated into “hitting the breeder with the chihuahua”.

I read about this yesterday, and while the purchaser of the puppy was obviously over the top in her actions (not in her emotions though, imo) it’s the breeder who is the more socially repulsive. (I would have used much stronger adjectives.) A responsible breeder doesn’t sell pet puppies until they are between 10 and 12 weeks old. A 4 week old chuhuahua would weigh less than a pound, and would fit in the palm of (most) adult hands. As puppies of this age are not yet weaned my guess as to cause of death would be either dehydration/starvation/hypoglycemia. The puppy suffered before it died.

I knew I was going to misspell something, even after previewing the post twice.

While black humor often helps deflect horror, I will side with yBeayf in defending the chihuahua as a “real” dog. I have owned dogs in every size, from a large wolf hybrid, a labrador, two beagle/border collie crosses (best damn bear dogs ever) and now have pomeranians. They are all dogs, and they all deserve our best.

I hope you know that I also believe the chihuahua is a ‘real dog’, but certainly you’ve heard jokes about them being accessories or toys or rats. My chihuahua is a beautiful little guy, full of personality and he’s very clever. I can’t bear to be apart from him.

The breeder should be put out of business and prohibited from having animals that can breed. The woman who was ignorant enough to buy a four week old puppy and not realize it was too young should be made to attend classes aimed at teaching her about how not to be a stupid pet owner in general.