(Glorious, wonderful RO) Puppy killed for eyeballing owner's boyfriend

A couple of decades ago, I remember some commercial for a Time-Life series of books about the old American West. A grizzled-sounding Western voice narrating the commercial uttered “He shot a man for looking at him” while describing … well, some cowboy or sheriff or whatever.

I was reminded of that when I saw this article, only it was a Shih Tzu puppy that was eyeballing Marc Dash of Tonawanda, New York.


Asain, it was a Shih Tzu puppy.

John Wesley Hardin, who shot a man for snorin’ too loud.

I don’t trust Shih Tzus, myself. They’re hidin’ somethin’.

I had a chihuahua eyeball me once. Didn’t pay him no mind, though. I was pretty sure I could take him if he started anything.

I’d do more than ‘eyeball’ the fucker, given half a chance! I’d be willing to do jail time, for 15 minutes alone with the type of person that would do this. I just can’t relate to the type of mind that would do this to a defenceless creature.

It’s them little ones that cause the trouble. hitch pants

Maybe he just needed killin’.

Git a rope.

It’s a Shi Tzu. With all that hair, how can the guy be sure what the dog is looking at?

When is a chihuahua NOT eyeballing things, though?

Them and pugs…bug-eyed bastards.

Yeah! Mangy varmints!

Then they get all twitchy. dad gummit.

Yes, Shih Tzus are of Asian origin, that is correct.

I wouldn’t be so sure. Chihuahuas are mean tempered bastards–my sister has (had) two of them. She was all goo eyed over them, but they’d snap at you as soon as look at you.

The guy who did this was an A #1 jerk–who kicks an animal down the stairs? Or kicks them, period? How little self esteem do you have to have to think a dog is looking at you as if it didn’t like you?

I wonder if this is the end of their relationship. <sarcasm>

Did he make the field goal?

Naw, the air conditioning was on and the 1 mph cross-wind pushed the hairball to the left and it bounced off of the post.

Low-life couldn’t even cover the spread…

Seriously, put the real animal in a shit zoo.

Man what a pussy. He was afraid of a Shih Tzu? Fuck that guy. Someone should kick him down the stairs. When the Shih Tzu is staring at you like it doesn’t like you that’s when you start cuddle punishing it.

He probably thought you were the man who shot his paw.

spits tobaccy

Congratulations! You have won this thread!

Bolding mine

Fucking-A. With his hands tied behind his back. It’s a fucking * puppy*!

I’m a prosecutor. Every now and then, I get an animal cruelty case; one recent one involved a Great Dane that had been starved down to a weight of 27 pounds. If there’s anything to like about such cases, it’s the fact that I don’t have to do any negotiating. Every now and then, they’ll ask for a reduction in my plea offer, and I just tell 'em, “No, we’ll let a jury see the pictures, and see what they give you.”

I’ve never had a trial on an animal cruelty case yet.

This guy sounds like the Dog Whisperer from Bizarro World.