Dead Singers and Musicians thread

I was shushed by a moderator for posting a bunch of dead musician deaths. So here is a big ol’ thread detailing a bunch of those not already posted by other members.

John Berry - Idaho (band) singer/guitarist
Pete Huttlinger - guitarist, worked with John Denver and LeAnn Rimes
Kitty Kallen - singer
Gary Loizzo - The American Breed singer
Red Simpson - country singer/songwriter
Brett Smiley - Singer/songwriter
Jānis Vaišļa - Pirates of the Sea musician
Alec Wishart - musician for Hogsnort Rupert

What is the point? What are the criteria? Just about every singer and musician ever born before 1940 is dead.

Pete Huttlinger’s death is getting attention on guitar messageboards. He was a great player - here he does a great version of Superstition on solo fingerstyle guitar:

I wasn’t a big enough follower to start a thread on him, but with a thread like this, will tip my hat. As others have noted in the bigger-star threads, the next few years are going to be tough for us rock n’ rollers. A thread for sidemen and lesser-known acts is okay by me…

It should say recent musician deaths.

And also the first post should say “dead musician threads” not “dead musician deaths.”

British singer-songwriter Black, known for the hit tune “Wonderful Life,” has shuffled off the mortal coil.

Jean Stapleton back with Archie busting eardrums “those were the days”. RIP

If you’re getting that from Facebook, she died three years ago.

yeah archie oconnor died too

Paul Kantner, guitarist and founder of Jefferson Airplane, on 1/28/16.

How much more obscure do you want to get?

Swiss flautist Aurele Nicolet just died.

The drummer for the bad that played at my senior prom in 1972 died. Would that be the kind of musician we’re looking to note here?

Holy crap, the SAME DAY Jefferson Airplane member Paul Kantner died, another one died, too:

Signe Toly Anderson

Everyone’s dead. The one that hurts me the most is Jay Reatard, who was turning into a phenomenal pop songwriter when he took the gas pipe.

Chris Squire, bassist for Yes, died a couple of months ago.

Fuck fuck fuck. This one hurts.

Sorry did not see in the thread title that we are talking about recently deceased musicians.

Speaking of Jerry’s missing finger, you know who else is dead, right? Recent is a relative term.
RIP, Jerry.

Up until I saw this, I’d always considered “Hoobastank” the worst possible band name.

From a NYTimes article behind their paywall that is focused on Lady Gaga’s Bowie Tribute. The Grammys producer, Ken Ehrlich, comments that he focused on a solo tribute featuring her because she was already booked for a slot, and because there were so many requests from other artists “some appropriate and some not” that it was simpler to stick with a solo approach.

The last paragraph states:


Seems like yesterday:sad