Dear Facebook pal - I know you loved your dog...

He was a sweet dog. I remember him well. But it’s been a year. A YEAR. Must you post long, drippy paeans to his memory, accompanied by photos, EVERY SINGLE DAY?

I like critters and I certainly understand grief, but that IS a bit much.

Maybe he really, really… you know, liked his dog.

My question is, why haven’t you blocked the updates?

Could be worse: this spring, I worked (briefly, thank Og) with a woman who brought her dog to the office every night. In her purse. In an urn! She was afraid someone would break into her house and steal Fluffy’s ashes while she was at work. Yeah, a spot of psychiatric care would’ve been in order I think…

Well, I mean, otherwise, I like the guy. I don’t want to block his feed. And I really don’t have time or energy to carefully get rid of every potentially annoying status update individually.

Then if you don’t want to do anything about it why not quit whining about it?

:eek: That’s a bubble out of plumb right there.

Seriously? In MPSIMS?

Tough crowd in here today. Maybe Ogre just wanted to bitch to us instead of the person who is okay except for this one little thing. One little, annoying, over-the-top thing.

I love dogs. I believe love is personal and I do not presume to dictate how much and whom others should love. I am also inclined to forgive others their grief.

However, if you want to do something constructive about this, point out how many other dogs are currently desperately in need of someone to love them. Not replacement dogs, but entirely individual dogs facing impoundment and death.

If that fails to move him, there’s always the “secretly tie a needy stray to his porch railing” ploy.

With any luck, you’ll still get drippy writeups and photos, but they’ll mostly be about a new, living dog.

The “Social Fixer” browser addon (used to be called “Better Facebook” until the lawyers got involved) lets you filter posts based on words in the post. Set up a filter to hide anything from this friend with certain words in it, and you’re good.

I’m a huge animal lover, but some people are just crazy and don’t get the circle of life thing.

I knew a woman who had lost a cat to some sort of illness a decade or more before I knew her. She would start crying every time she talked about this cat. Suggestions that she consider adopting another needy cat, thus saving a life and giving her an object for her apparent boundless affection fell on deaf ears - no cat could equal her Fluffy.

She was nuts and stalked me for a while…some people seriously don’t know how to let go. Bubble out of plumb, indeed!

Ogre - ditto. You either like this guy or you don’t…being agitated enough to post about his daily rememberances about his dog but OTOH still being willing to read his daily posts that drive you nuts is your own brand of crazy. You apparently don’t know him well enough to ask him to STFU or tone it down, so how is he even a “pal?”

You can communicate with actual “pals” honestly and with a reasonable expectation of a thoughtful response. Or is this a new dynamic, where you have “pals” or “friends” but you can’t actuallty communicate with them directly but have to ask about it first on a forum peopled with complete strangers?

I’m so confused. Or maybe I am just not getting this new-fangled way of communicating with people. Where you don’t actually communicate with people you consider “friends”, but fret about it anonymously because you’re so out of touch with actual humans that you can’t figure out basic protocol and how to talk to people IRL?

What the fuck? :smiley: Talk about “your own brand of crazy”. Judging a real-life friendship with someone you don’t know based on two short MPSIMS posts and your own simplistic absolutisms…now that’s crazy.

I’m only going by what Ogre posted and s/he referred to this person only as a"Facebook Pal" that s/he apparently cannot communicate with directly, at least without feedback from random anonymous persons online first.

My “simplistic absolutisms” are based on Ogre’s two short MPSIMS posts…I don’t deny that. However I appear to have misplaced my crystal ball and since I don’t know Ogre from Adam or Eve, these two short posts are all I have to go on and since Ogre apparently wants responses, I’m doing the best I can with the information I have available.

So, from my quite possibly ignorant perspective, I am fairly confused as to how anyone is compelled to read or pay attention to shit they find annoying, considering they signed up for it, and from “pals” they cannot apparently communicate with. Seriously, I don’t get it. Perhaps I am old enough to remember IRL contacts being the only option for communicating with “friends” or “pals.” Or, I am dense. Or both. You don’t want to listen to daily screeds from someone - so, don’t. Or do. But in either case, suck it up and own it instead of whining. Maybe I’m showing my age but I don’t get why this is even a question. Do people not know how to think for themselves thes days?

Why so defensive, anyway? If someone is actually a friend or pal and we now have 24/7 communication, since when did it become so complicated to communicate a fairly simple message to someone you know…like people did in the dark ages of the 1980s and 90s?

Back in my day (LOL) we mostly figured out how to communicate with people we knew all by ourselves and without agonized feedback from a forum of strangers and nervous consensus. I guess individual thought and action is becoming a thing of the past, now that we have teh ability to run everything by an anonymous forum first?

Pffffffhahahahahahahahaha! This shit is hard to believe.

m’OK. :rolleyes:

I’m glad you find it amusing. Carry on just the way you are - it’s apparently working out just smashing for you, and everything is great, right? Right? :slight_smile:

Sure. Why not?

Jeez, you guys.

Yer right. :smiley: