Dear Falcon,

I am sorry I got drunk and touched your boob.

[homer voice]Mmmmmmmmm… boooobies[/homer voice]

…fine, i’m NOT sorry then!


I suppose it wouldn’t be permissable to ask for details?


hmmm… this sounds like an interesting thread, that could be made more interesting with details, so could you humor us and just tell us a bit more?

Well, I can start by telling y’all that a “boob” is slang for a “breast.” My mom told me this when I was six, and I occupied myself by running around the house yelling “boobie, boobie, boobie.” I am now 20, and I still do the same damn thing. Thanks a lot, mom. Peace


It was late. I was drinking. We were in chat. She was minding her own business, not even talking to me. I reached out and touched her left boob with my right index finger. She slapped me.
I’m so ashamed.

Oh WHammo…I told you I forgave you last night. :slight_smile:


This was, like, her VIRTUAL BOOB? And you feel bad about it? Really, or just virtually?

Thank you Falcon!!!

runs away

Virtually really bad? … ahh hell with it…

runs around touching boobs at random

Whammo hon?

It was funny once. Now it’s not. Get the picture?



Right!! Got it.