Dear Geico:

I understand…is it auto insurance you sell? I think so- based on the 40,000 television commercials you have inundated me with- well, everyone, the past 12 months.
I am actually considering dropping you as my insurance company and going with a less intrusive business, as you are on every single one of my tv stations 6 times an hour every single day of my now-ebbing life. I now am at the point where I wish you were hit by a speeding fully-rigged semi and blasted forever off of this planet. The way- imho- to gain customers is to actually pull back a bit for Christsakes and have people actually look forward to your occasional commercials. But you don’t; you are pummeling us with flat-joke dead-pan nothings that irritate right off the bat, and certainly gain no traction after the 400th time we’ve seen or heard it. I am now at the point- well, I’ve been doing this for many months- that when one of your stinky things appears on my screen I jump for the remote and hum loudly to block out the words. Is this what you want, Geico? I’m not alone…
Enough is enough- you HAVE to know we hate your never-ending media blitz vs Allstate. Cut it out and pass some savings back to the consumers who put you in this position in the first place.
(This is my first post- I’m a newb. Hi.)

Not bad for a first post!

And I agree with you. I’d like to see Flo stump broke, the lizard eaten by the Budweiser Frog and the hideous woman on the treadmill catch (back) on fire.


Don’t forget about the worst one of them all…the Geico Pig! Time for a pig roast.

What is this “TV” that you speak of?

It’s a electronic indoctrination device. But that’s not important right now.

I want to agree with you. Really really I do.

But I just got car insurance in my new state (North Carolina) and Geico was WAY cheaper (40-100 bucks cheaper) than anyone else I looked at.

I also was in an accident with someone who had Geico and they were pretty kickass through the whole process. And when I got my license I forgot my insurance card in my car and I used the mobile one and they took it and it made my live easier.

Their commercials are everywhere and annoying…but sonofabitch are they good at what they do.

" What is this “TV” that you speak of? "

Best I can come up with, it stands for Teluvan Vinnae- which is Latin for ‘saying goodbye to time.’

I want to see Flo versus Mayhem in a cage match, refereed by the Pig.

15 minutes would have saved you this thread.

Just kidding, I shopped around and it’s still USAA ftw.

Good- now just repeat that 30 times a day, thanks.
(There is a smaller company advertising that it takes 7.5 mins with them…)

No, no, no! Flo & Mayhem, + weapons vs. that evil, vile, Satan-spawn pig.

There are 3 commercials that make me change the channel, sometimes violently. Two of them involve talking pigs with annoying voices (which is probably redundant). I could take a nap in a room with Robert Englund, while holding a Chucky doll but talking pigs are the stuff of the most sick & twisted writer ever - they scare me. (& Freddy, I’ve only ever seen you type so you are not in that category.)

I keep waiting for Geico to bring back Caleb the Hump Day Camel. I know it’s coming. I know it’s going to be bad. I’m just waiting, waiting, waiting for the other hoof to fall . . .

And yeah, USAA. Where did they come from all of a sudden? I swear they’ve bought up every commercial on every sports event for the next decade . . . except for the ones reserved for Flo, Mayhem, the AFLAC duck, the Pig, and Caleb.

I’ve only seen it online & not in an actual movie, but he did a movie theater preview/PSA

Nope he’s back kinda-sorta.

There is a new commercial for Geico that is a co-op with M&M’s (really?) and it has a quick cameo from our favorite camel

We dropped GEICO after they practically doubled our rates due to a couple of accidents that were not our fault and needing free roadside service too often for their liking.

Went with Travelers via AAA instead. Still have Travelers for homeowners, haven’t needed car insurance for a few years.

ETA: I love how GEICO commercials tout their approval rates with their customers. It’s not like those who really don’t approve are no longer customers, right? :rolleyes:

Flo stumps for Progressive, not Geico.

esurance, but they are ‘backed’ by Allstate, whatever that means, so it’s not really a smaller company.

I do like the one with the old ladies and the one’s version of Facebook.

Who watches commercials?

I was at the Home & Garden show two weekends ago. The busiest booths were the infomercial type booths with cookware, flatter wallets, and things to remove cat fur from furniture. People were purposefully standing at these places to watch a commercial.

My little joke above was due to commercials like Geico turning me off from broadcast TV and getting me to drop cable-I tried to follow the new Cosmos episode the other night (via my antenna), and the endless streams of ads just completely reminded me why I ditched it all.

I rarely watch any TV that hasn’t been DVR’d. No commercial viewing.

As far as trade shows, the OP isn’t about people seeking out infomercials as a means shopping, but about being inundated with broadcast commercials that you are forced to sit through.