Dear Miserable Bitch aka Sister (long)

Dear Sister,
Fuck you for being the miserable, contemptable bitch you are. I cannot begin to tell you how much I would like smack you silly. Quit your whining about how horrible everyone is for just a damn second and listen up:
I know you really do not like me. I am so sorry Mom and Dad adopted me. You know, they did it just to spite you, right? Oh, and that whole thing about Grandmother dying a few months after they got me? Planned. Yup. I may have only been a few months old, but I knew that if I “took” her away from you, the first part of my nefarious plot to ruin your life would be well completed.
And Grandfather? He-who-I-adored? While you were throwing fits about how he and I were so close, were you aware that he made it clear I was no better than a servant, due to my illegitimate status? I told you that, but you chose not listen. Rather, I stole them from you.
But that’s in the past. Right? Oh no! You like to bring it up just to remind me who the star child is.
Wait, in your mind, that’s me, isn’t it? Get over yourself, twat.
Yes, I am a momma’s girl. You are daddy’s girl. That’s life. I cannot talk to dad to save my life. We cannot relate. But yes, I talk to mom all the time. You had dad around. I didn’t. So mom and I became close. Yes, I was better in school than you were and I let mom play little princess with me, putting me through classes that you did not take nor did you want to take… So fucking what? That was then, right?

So what the fuck went through your bleached blonde brain Sautrday night when you verbally attacked me in front of LilMiss? We barely sat down when you started spewing!

First off, I was astounded that you managed to separate yourself from your boyfriend to spare time with LilMiss and me. Since you started seeing him, you’ve completely ignored everyone. I am glad you’re happy with him. I am not enamored of him, but that’s my problem. By the way, don’t have one of your friends ask me why I do not like him. You’re 42, not 12. But the fact remains, he makes you laugh, and that’s a very good thing.
Secondly, it was not my job to tell you dad has cancer. NOT MY FUCKING JOB!! The only reason I found out is because I called mom on it after dad threw a mini-pity party. Yeah, I knew a few weeks ago, but it was not my place to tell you about it! Get that through your miserable brain! You said that you were pissed because mom didn’t call you. SHE TRIED. You do realize you contradicted yourself when ranting at me, right? You went on about how you go to work then go home, wah wah, BUT then stated you have been spending pretty much all of your free time with your boyfriend. So how was mom supposed to call you? Hunh? She could’ve called you at work? “I know you’re busy, but by the way, your father has cancer.” Yeah, that would’ve worked.
Thirdly, quit your whining about how no one tells you nothing. Woman, if I didn’t call you, we would never speak. Same with mom and dad. The only time you call us is when you want something. Yeah, mom and I talk a lot. She calls me and I call her. If I didn’t have LilMiss, I doubt we would talk as much as we do, but I do so there ya go. The phone does work both ways, you know. What stops you from checking in with them?
Fourthly, what do I have to do with the fact that mom and dad weren’t home when you decided to drop in on them? And why should I know where they are? The venom you released was disgusting.
Fifth, WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE BRINGING ALL THIS SHIT UP IN FRONT OF YOUR NEICE WHO IDOLIZES YOU? It’s a damn good thing I told her the night before about dad, hunh? You didn’t even think before you opened your maw, did you? Of course not! And to disparage her dad in front of her also? HOW DARE YOU?!?! You may not like him, but that’s your fucking problem. You have done this in the past and I have called you on it. To try and turn it back on me when I called you on it again, saying “Well, YOU chose him, not me!” has nothing to do with anything! The problems he and I have between us right now are just that- between us. Not for you to gnaw on nor inform LilMiss of.
Stay away from me, you poor figment of a human being. I am done being your whipping girl because you are pissed at mom and dad. Grow the fuck up.


A little more variety in the curses and invectives, more depth in describing her ignorance, but your footwork is solid, and you have a smooth flow going.

Nice work.

Don’t you feel so much better after spewing that? Now, as has been suggested so many times to so many people on so many different topics in the pit: Send it to her.

aenea: Thank you :slight_smile: But you see, I cannot comment on her parentage (i.e. child of a syphilitic goat felching inbred monkey) because, well, they’re my parents also.
Depth in her ignorance? Shit, that would take a fucking book! I removed a lot of it!

Sqube: She knows I post here. To preserve the semblence of having a happy family, I cannot say this to her face. The last time I vented at her, she took it out on my parents and my daughter for an entire summer.

MissTake, I sympathize. I have 4 sisters, 3 of whom act about like yours (some even worse). She sounds cruel and vindictive. Those 3 people are the reason my family doesn’t ever get together for any reason at all anymore.

So good for you for at least trying to preserve family unity; I wish at least one person in my family would be so diplomatic.



I cannot believe your grandpa said that to you. The sister thing I can understand; a lot of people have siblings who are nice to everyone except them. But your grandpa…That’s awful.

BTW: Not-that-you-asked-and-it’s-none-of-my-business: Does your username reflect a self-esteem issue? Because I’m here to tell you, you are not a mistake! And I don’t like to see anyone refer to herself as such. But it is your name, and I’m not criticizing.

9.8 … paragraph breaks are your friend.

And your location helped a bit too, I guess;)

Rilchaim, Grandpa remembered orphan trains. When “bastards” were true outcasts of our smallish midwestern area. Never quite made it into the present. When he was growing up his family had some of the “undesired spawn” working on the farm, and that’s just the way he was. Yeah, it sucked, and I truly did not realize what a not-so-nice man he was until after he died. But he was my guy in shining armor when I was little.
And my moniker, MissTake? It had been MissTaken (a personal, ahem not “vanilla” reference from my past). Because it was the past I dropped the “n”. No big deal.
And yes, I am proud to consider myself a bastard :slight_smile:

Okay okay, iampunha, I just didn’t want my OP to take up one page! :smiley: Hey! We’re neighbors? How are the Lost Boys?