Death by Ice fishing

I was channel surfing the other night and stumbled on (PBS?, DISC?, A&E?) the last 10 minutes or so of what appeared to be a documentay about two guys out ice fishing. There they were, one minute wise-assing about the poor fishing and the onset of frostbite, then grousing the next day or so (but still pretty good-naturedly) about getting more and more hungry, slowly lapsing into deleriousness, and finally dying of starvation. I found it all very disturbing, perhaps because I came in to the story without knowing what it was all about and without knowing what to expect. Can anyone who saw the whole program explain who these guys were, where it was that they were fishing, and why, for God’s sake, the filmmakers didn’t save those two bastards’ lives?

The Blair Fish Project?

That would be “Fishing With John”, starring two of my major heartthrobs, John Lurie (of the Lounge Lizards) and Willem Dafoe. It’s one episode of a tongue-in-cheek fishing series. The other episodes star Host John and illustrious guests Tom Waits, Dennis Hopper, and Matt Dillon, etc. They travel to exotic locations on some film company’s budget and “fish”. You can rent 'em and ought to. Hilarious, and with a haunting theme song, composed by Mr. Lurie. Fiiissshhhhiiinnnnngg wiiiitttthhhhh Jooohhhhhhnnnnnn…

Humor. It is a difficult concept.

Ice fishing: A jerk on one end of a line waiting for a jerk on the other.

Ice fishing: A jerk on one end of a line waiting for a jerk on the other.

With really really cold fuckin’ feet.
(and maybe one of those gigantic fookin’ suv’s sittin’ out on the ice, and, and they got a dog that’s trained to fetch.)
(Yeah!, that’d be the ticket!)

What?! You forgot the dynamite and alcohol?
No fishermen you!

How do you catch a Polar Bear ?
Cut a hole in the ice and when he walks up to look in, you kick him in the ice hole (insert groans here).