death of napster

Where can we go now to download music if napster really is dead?

Go to [link deleted] for alternative file-sharing programs.

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[name of program deleted] i think is a strong contender to take over where napster leaves off. but not sure about the spelling of it

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[name deleted again] is how you spell it

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Name a thread topic that will be likely to result in the thread being closed…

Use [link removed]. It is a program that allows you to log onto private servers as well as Napsters own servers.

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The [deleted] servers have already been served cease-and-desist orders, I wouldn’t expect them to be around much longer.

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That’s just it. The servers [deleted] points to aren’t owned by [deleted] OR Napster. There’s very little that they can do. If they shut down one [deleted] server, someone will simply start another one up. The software will still function. Also…where did you hear the cease and desist order…a cite please? I do think that the [deleted] servers will be around for at least a few months following the shutdown of Napster, perhaps even longer. Eventually, people will go to a true P2P solution like [deleted], but they really need to improve the connections through that. I’ve been able to find songs, but never been able to DL faster than ~2K/sec, which is pretty bad considering I get between 40-100K/sec with Napster.


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I couldn’t find any info regarding [deleted] receiving cease and desist orders? Linkety, link, lincoln logs?

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Dang, I wish I had gotten to this thread earlier… It would have made things a lot tidier.

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