Death or Glory Awaits

As The Fantastic Four has opened here this weekend and I’m a sucker for superhero films (mostly because I like to fantisise about what it would be like to have telekinetic powers and use them on the irritating git that insists on talking throughout the movie to snap his neck like a dry twig) I had an idea for a thread.

What if by some process (preferably involving some hideously complicated and sinisterly futuristic piece of machinery) ordainary people could be granted mutant superpowers?

The catch is that you don’t know what superpower you’re going to end up with. You may get some incredibly cool power like the ability to CONTROL METAL WITH YOUR MIND!!!one!!!2!!! But there is also the possibility that you will end up with some really horrific and useless mutation such as Rogue (from the X-mens) inability to touch people without sucking the life from them without the attendant power-stealing ability or that all electricity in your vicinity is automatically disrupted.

Equally nothing may happen at all or you could get some really crappy superpower like the ability to turn styrofoam very slightly blue or the very slight chance that the process will kill you stone dead (one in every 10’000 uses very roughly)

One caveat is that you won’t get any godlike powers, only up to a maximum of the ability to destroy a city, otherwise known as One Hiroshimeter.

So its either:

(a) A really cool power.
(b) A really nightmarish power and mutation.
© A really crap power.
(d) No effect
(e) End up dead (not sure weather to add this possibility or not, if thats the sticking point then ignore it but be sure to say so)

And what one superpower would you enter the machine really hoping you’d get and why?

Another question is would you use your powers for Good or Evil?

For myself it would have to be the telekinesis/telepath combo of a sufficent power level (if they’re different facets of the same power) and probably telekinesis by itself if they weren’t. This is simply because I believe they’d be by far the most useful and fun powers to have.

I’d most likely use my powers for Good while retaining the shock-factor by on occassion being quite unneccesarily violent and destructive just to keep the bad-guys on their toes. It would be worth it just to see the look on their face when you telekinetically cut their hencemens legs off at the knees. :smiley:

So The Chamber is waiting, dramatic music enter it or not?


I’d go for it, hoping for a really cool power. And if I got that power, I would use it to do nothing but for my own pleasure.