Death to Smoochy question [spoilers!]

Ok, here’s something that’s been bugging me about the events near the end of Death to Smoochy:

After Sheldon Mopes (Ed Norton) has caught up to Burke and Stokes (DeVito and Stewart), Tommy (The Irish Mafia lady), after taking over, says to the two: “Have you two ever travelled together?” Or something along those lines.

This seems like it should be a joke, but I don’t get it. Is it a reference to something earlier in the movie that I missed? Or is it a reference to something outside of the movie that I just don’t get?


I took it as a play on the “take him for a ride” line usually associated with the Italian mob. But I may have missed something, too. I was laughing so hard through that movie, it was like Airplane all over again at times.

They followed it up with a shot of a skyscraper from up top, which then panned down to street level, so my impression was that Burke and Stokes got tossed.

My guess is it meant they were travleling to the afterlife together :slight_smile:

In retrospect (and having recently watched the movie again), I agree with Knowed Out.

There’s a cut scene from the DVD where they are walking away right after that, then hear two gunshots from behind them. Kinda clears up what happened to them(the movie makes you wonder if they were gonna be packed in a crate and sent to hong kong or something).

I love this movie. Edward Norton is a god.

Terrible film. Worse waste of talent I’ve ever seen. Nothing but spastic over-acting and annoyingly garish visuals.

In my opinion, the brain-damaged boxer sidekick stole the entire show. Only character in the movie who made me laugh. Now when a relative unknown with not much screen time can make you laugh harder than Edward Norton, Robin Williams, Danny Devito and Harvey Firestein all put together, then that’s just god damned pathetic.

HPL: That sounds like the conclusive evidence I was looking for! Thanks everyone for the responses (especially a year after the original post :))