Debaters my ass!

This is directly referencing…

Anyone ever try Reiki?

Tried to be respectful, tried to be kind, and tried to address every comment posted.

I went into the conversation with these “Skeptics” knowing that they would think lowly of me, and even disrespect me.

What happened next is a full on idio-thon.

Many approached the conversation with ignorance and judgment first, then finally tried to throw in some actual debate. This preconcieved idea was fucking stupid, and made it extremely easy to call them out. If you want to come around and act like an ignorant and judgemental prick, go for it. Just don’t linger around after I call you out on your bull shit statements.

But nope they did linger around, adding more and more and more idiotic and completely fucking useless statements to the conversation. And because of it, they actually fucking locked out the thread for now. And I supported it!!

Shit why wouldn’t I, these assholes actually thought they were winning! Are you fucking kidding me? They hang around and state useless bull shit for all to see. Is this what I have to look forward to? Anytime I talk about a topic that is not immediately accepted by them, they can throw every single statement they can to implicate insults to me, plus the kitchen sink.

The actual debaters were making good points, which I could’ve rebuttaled and continued within the conversation, but because the useless fucking statements kept overwhelming the thread. It is locked for now.

Thanks alot.

Sorry, rich2600, but I don’t see you coming out the winner in this one either.

I’m feeling some seriously reverse-reiki energy. Hope it doesn’t knock you out of tune.

Who are you again?

I’m sending magic mind beams your way to relieve your stress.

Thanks for adding names to generalizations Tripolar! :slight_smile:

You are right you know. Debate? All I seen from that thread was a bunch of hand waving and empty rhetoric.



Thank you sir, thank you, I’m still stressed after shooting laser beams through my navel and lightning bolts out my ass.

The claims in the OP are wholly without substantiation. So far.

Hence the thunder.

Maybe a few more random lols would help next time.

It’s funny, one would expect a claim one can heal someone by waving their hands over them (and at a distance no less) would be treated seriously. Especially when there are links to practitioners that have very elegant pictures of brooms on their home page and discuss the use of well established phenomena like magic. What more do you need than that?

With powerful modalities such as Reiki it is unreasonable to expect that they can be reproduced in double blind experiments. Personal anecdotes are far more compelling IMHO.

Actually I was convinced by your demonstration of a cause and effect mechanism.

But I must be doing something wrong now. I keep waving my hands around to heal your brain, but you keep making moronic statements.

Try your wife next time, she obiviously believed some of your unsupportive statement bullshit.

Maybe if you first pulled head from sphincter you would see where your waving all this damn time.


Is not debate. It is exactly what your OP accuses everyone else of;

It’s kind of a long thread, and I wasn’t part of it. Can you give us the short version? A link to a peer reviewed article about the practice would help, too.

People. Isn’t it obvious? You’ve been Reiki-rolled.