Dec the Halls with Rants and Howling

Dec the halls with rants and howling,
Fuss and piss and moan, and gripe and kvetch!
Nothing beats some high-test growling,
When you wanna vent at some damn wretch
If you’re pressed to give a reason
(“Why are you
Talking to
Them so mean?”)
Blame it on the Christmas season.
Say you’re going nuts from red and green!

My rant:

I just read the fine print on our annual leave buy-back program, and found that I don’t get to sell 40 hours of leave back at the end of the year because I used more than 75 hours of sick leave during 2015! This leaves me with the option of losing 23+ hours of leave, or taking an extra day off each week for the next three weeks. Taking the days off sounds nice on the surface, but it does place extra strain on our staffing levels at one of the busiest times of the year. I don’t relish the thought of doing that to my work mates.

Also, I’ve been kinda counting on working some six-day weeks during the Christmas season, to financially recover from the hit my paycheck took during the seven weeks I was gone for my hip surgery. I haven’t yet spoken to my union steward about it, but a fellow employee who has been here for at least thirty years seems to think I can get an OT assignment on one of my scheduled days off, and be paid for five days (one at time and a half) PLUS an annual leave day. I’m a little dubious about whether the contract permits this.

It’s not December yet.

It is in Tokyo, and even though I’m not in Tokyo, the SDMB is.

So there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not to say that loyalty to stultifying and smothering tradition is never to be challenged, certainly not. Still, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it! Sure, its a bit of good cold fun to slip in some Agent Orange when someone gets an X-Mas tree at Thanksgiving, or plant a few termites in Tiny Tim’s crutches. As a lefty, I can clearly the see the value of a bit of social sadism. But one mustn’t go too far! As have you, I regret to say.

It was digs’s idea! digs MADE me do it!

If digs jumped off a Christmas tree, would you do it too? Hmmmm???

No, but I’d watch.

My rant is just about getting up this morning in general. I had a nice long 4 day weekend where I did very little at all and got a ton of rest. Then the alarm went off this morning, far too early. I looked down, saw my cat by my legs and reached down to touch her. Then I fell asleep with the alarm still going. When I woke up about 10 minutes later, Maggie had her chest against my fingers and was hugging and sleeping on my hand.

Why the fuck would I want to get up from that?

Bastards. All of you. Bastards for making me get up and go to work.

You ever read about how people with really bad chronic conditions seem to “hang on” through the Holidays, hoping, apparently, towards one more family gathering…

You’ve started them early now, put an extra twenty four hours on their marathon. Some number of them won’t make it. Your fault.

its December in Australia, has been for nearly 9 hours!

I just realized: with Santa starting from the North Pole and all… I guess that means Aussies only get the leftover presents. The ones nobody else wants.


Okay, who’s trying that next?
(Man, the peer pressure around here… maybe if I put **Faerie **on ignore, I can avoid serious injury…)

And, yes, I’ll take responsibility for anyone’s infirm Great-Grand-Aunt who will now check out on the 24th.

It’s the season for giving, digs. I’ll split 'em with you.

Excuse me! Santa’s no dope! Any delivery person worth their salt knows you go to your farthest delivery point first and work your way home. St. Nick will get to you right after the bloody Hobbits, start putting those cookies out now!

I for one am glad that the Dec rant thread is up early, since I have been sick almost every day in November, causing me to miss (among others) -

A free ticket to Zumanity
A spa day with my best friends
Getting any enjoyment out of eating at Olives at Bellagio and some super expensive place at the Venetian, I don’t remember the name.
Only barely making it thru Blue Man Group.

I am very tired of this virus/whatever and it can kindly fuck off now.

Grandmother! We don’t have any great-grand-aunts waiting on the wings… Oh wait. I guess she counts as the great-grand-aunt of my mother’s second-grand-nephews… or would that be grand-second-nephews? Anyway, her first-cousins’ grandkids…

What? That side of the family only meets at funerals, not even weddings. All those wakes are missing is a bit more whisky.

From last month’s thread, re. trying to get my name written the same way in every gummit database:

Lemme put it this way: if my legal name was Nava, there would be
some databases where it would appear as N. Ava
others listing Naba
some with Nevaeh
and a few where I’d have simultaneous entries as Nava, N. Ava and Nebaeh

Australia?! Never heard of it.

Is that near Austria?


It’s near Bulgaria and the other Garia.

I am so thrilled to find out that the nut who shot up a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado lived in a small town near My Fair City.

I am even more thrilled to find this out the week that I, myself, have a PP appointment to get my birth control switched out.

I am, however, truly happy that PP was able to get me an appointment relatively quickly to take care of my birth control since my doctor’s office continually dropped the ball on ordering the damn Mirena since March.

I have a couple of rants regarding shipping companies and methods.

  1. Why the ever lovin’ fuck won’t UPS put my packages in the safe place I have designated for them instead of right in front of the front door where anyone can walk off with them? I’m especially worried about this because I ordered two items on black Friday that are being shipped by UPS and a friend of mine said they just had a package stolen from their front porch.

  2. OK Amazon, why do you insist on using that stupid UPS SmartPost thing? UPS will come to my house, I’ve seen them do it. That shit just delays my packages.

Before anyone states the obvious, I am well aware that in light of #1, #2 is kind of a stupid rant but when have rants had to be coherent? :smiley: