Decapitated netflix queue?

I know there are a few round here who use the netflix service, so perhaps someone else has seen this. For several weeks, the #1 spot in my queue of movies has been filled by a title that has a “very long wait” (It’s Ray Dennis Steckler’s Blood Shack, if you must know). A couple of days ago, I checked my queue, and it’s not there. It’s not in the “saved movies” area at the bottom of the queue. If I search for the title, I get nothing. If I search for Steckler, I get a list of his other movies, but not this one. Now, here’s the odd part: the top title in my queue is still #2. Everything works as it did; I get movies and have returned movies. It’s just that #1 has been abolished.

I haven’t yet written to the company, but I will if this continues. For now, it just an oddity. Anyone else seen anything like this?

Never heard of that. Maybe their only copy was damaged or something, and they just removed all traces of it from the database as if it never existed in the first place. Sort of Orwellian.

As for the missing first position, sounds like a technical glitch. Give it a week, maybe, then write. I’ve always found them pretty responsive and customer friendly.

I have an extra #1 in the junk drawer in my kitchen. Let me know if you want it. My email address is in my profile.

This happened to me once. It was a really obscure Grade Z film noir- can’t recall the title. I received a cracked DVD copy, reported it damaged, they sent a different title. The cracked one remained #1 in my queue, very long wait, for a while and then disappered. IIRC, they sent a notice saying they no longer carry this title, and it was gone from the queue, I assume this meant the cracked copy was the only one they had, they tried to get another copy but it was no longer made or something, and then when they realized they could not restock, they remoced it from their listing.

Yeah the missing number 1 sounds like someone else described - they ran a SQL DELETE on all database tables Where MovieID = X…including the queue table.

But it’d be a pain in the ass to move everyone’s queue up one number based on the deletion of that record (well not totally, but it couldn’t be done really quickly or w/o some forethought) so they just didn’t. Think of it as all the items in your queue as having a static number assigned to it, which doesn’t change until you click a button to change or the “sent” process is run which moves all items up one. You could probably make your #2 movie be #1 and everything would align once again.

Out of curiousity, I checked out IMDB on this movie.

Why do you wanna see it?:smiley:

I had tried that the first time I noticed it, and it didn’t work. In the interest of thoroughness, and because it’s a slow June day, I just tried it now, and it worked. Odd.

But no Ray Dennis Steckler. Oh well, maybe I’ll rent Johnny Guitar instead. On preview: come on, it’s Steckler, the auteur of The Incredible Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-up Zombies!

Check your recent returns. In the past three months I’ve had three movies go from my queue to my return list without ever making it to my mailbox.

I had something similar happen, except the movie ended up back in my saved items after it had been at the top of my queue with a “very long wait”, but with a different movie - The Last Emperor. It shows as “unknown” availability now, down at the bottom of my saved items.

I’m just still giggling at the image of Bertie Wooster watching Blood Shack.

Just checked again, and #1 has disappeared again. And all my returns are things I’ve watched. I’ve sent a message to the netflix folks, and will eagerly await their answer.

So. . .where else is Blood Shack available? I find myself curiously drawn to watching now.