december: can you diversify a little?

december, I’m one of the people who put you firmly on the side of “non-troll,” though I do think your inflamatory thread titles and loaded questions are a little exasperating at times.

But… do you think you could diversify your subjects a little perhaps? I mean, every single one of your threads seem to invlove some sin Democrats committed and how this will impact the political situation. And in most of them, you aren’t even interested in asking about substantive question like the truth: you’re interested in how a particular spin will affect things in the public eye. To a certain extent, such dogmatic focus is laudable, but…

I mean, aren’t you interested in philosophy? Religion? Science? Sociology? I’ve never seen you take on any of these subjects: instead you act like a paid political operative who is grudingly doing their duty in posting new threads on behalf of the Republican talking points of the day and defending them to the teeth. Occasionally, you’ll take a token position against the party: but it’s always one that is pre-approved (like being anti-Trent Lott) and in the end, beneficial to the party and following the current Foxnews line. Other times you seem to take positions that give you token dissent from the party, but ultimately they resolve into “I ultimately believe this, but legally, the correct conclusion is the exact opposite.”

I know you’re a real person, so I’m not seriously trying to paint you as an party idiot. I’m not even trying to systematically say the you’re wrong on every point: I’ve agreed with you many a time. But the fact that you’re a real person leads me to believe that you should be interested in other subjects. So, I’m not trying to get you to stop pushing your political line, but rather to get you to spread out onto other subjects, even utterly non-political ones, than just anti-democrat digs. There are so many other fascinating subjects out there that your input would be beneficial too. You are a human being. Politics isn’t everything.

That is all.

Fucking PC, secular humanist, bed-wetting, mamby pamby, knee-jerk, left-wing, hate America first Democrats and their silly posts.
What did you say?

Heh, I’d LOVE to see the Democratic party try to work my position on discrimination into their platform. Or redistributive taxation.

Well, this one seems pretty non-political.

Jesus Christ, can we give the guy a break? Now he’s being pitted for what he DOESN’T post because he doesn’t seem to have “diverse” interests? These pile-ons are bullshit. If you don’t like his opinions, don’t read his posts.


Hey, he knew what the risks were when he died for our sins.

You know, that is consistantly the dumbest fucking argument on this board.

If you didn’t like the opinions in this thread, you didn’t have to read it.

If I didn’t like your opinions in your post I didn’t have to read that.

If you don’t like the opinions in this response, you don’t have to read it, either.

Fuck, why don’t we all just post our thoughts to our own personal word processors and nobody will have to read anything.

For the record, the second dumbest rebuttal is … “Oh, well I’ll just check with you next time to make sure my opinions are okay :rolleyes:”.

Just in case anyone was keeping score.

Sometimes he writes nice limericks.

I think the term for what the OP is describing is “one-trick pony”. They’ve been pitted before.

And it isn’t even so much that people don’t like his opinions as that the vastmajority of his posts are all about the same thing:

*Those evil dems,
they should be canned.
Where are the pure

Eh bien, raise your berets
Toooooo conservative days.*

Good to know, though, that a pile-on is four posts.:rolleyes: yourself.

A poster named Apos is sore,
From Democrat-bashing galore.
…But, there’s puns to amuse,
…And I bring up the Jews,
And law and statistics, and war.

Ah yes, the Jews and how liberals and Democrats really hate them and how this is going to affect the Democratic party and… Yeah, very different subject indeed. :slight_smile:

It’s non-political ideas, like philosophy, I’d be interested in hearing from you on.

Actually, I agree with that. I would be most interested in hearing what december has to say on many non-political subjects. I like him and respect him, despite that fact that he’s always wrong.:wink:

Seriously, though, I can understand your frustration. When you enjoy spending time with someone, yet they seem to only want to “discuss” certain issues (from one side), it can be very frustrating.

But ya gotta love his limericks.

There once was a poster, december
Who, you must remember
Only had chubbies
For far right Repubbies
But Democrats he’d rather dismember

December? He was once a poster
And often a democrat roaster
With his conservative brain
He made it a pain
For a gay guy to score a new toaster

Apos, this thread. is in response to your request to diversify.

Apos, this thread. is in response to your request to diversify.

Although a fairly new poster
There is no way that this Toaster
Would ever agree
To serve or to be
A prize for the very best roaster.


Now, just think of some that have a reputation for denseness like Quayle, Apos might be satisfied.

FTR, december I find you amusing. When you aren’t posting about politics, you can be positively funny, and when you are, it’s fun to find all the logical errors in your thinking and all the transparent deceptions in your provocations.

And, I was impressed you knew a source for ‘a little bit of learning’ …which showed broader general knowledge than I’d have thought. Though a repulsive taste in poetry.

some democrats, some democrats :smack: