What is december still doing here?

Collounsbury gets banned after making a parenthetical statement… (“else fuck off”]) and december goes on posting even more inflammatory comments on a near daily basis, completely unabated without so much as a slap on the wrist from a Mod.

I know december may not use literal words like “fuck you”, but his posts are even more inflammatory and dare I say, jerkish than that.

I call forth into evidencethis thread where december equates voting democratic or going against Bush with aiding terrorists.

Why, on God’s Green Earth is this shit allowed to continue?

I dunno. He’s maddening, but I don’t think his offenses rise to the same level that Collounsbury’s did. december tends to make statements that make my blood boil, but it’s because of his positions and assertions. He doesn’t seem to engage in the same personal attacks and peristent belittling of character that C. did.

But if we didn’t have december’s poorly reasoned, factually incorrect, and pointlessly inflammatory threads, how would I set my watch?

Collunsbury made his comment in GD. It is a no-no to tell people to fuck off in GD. december made his comment in the Pit, where it belongs, because it is stupid.

So, to sum up:
Collunsbury: Arrogant asshole who can’t obey the rules
december: Stupid schmuch who can obey the rules.

What the fuck is a schmuch?!

That should be “schmuck.”


He’s amusing and mostly harmless. It’s not like he manages to successfully promote ignorance, much as he tries.

And he is invariably polite.

No, he posted the thread in Great Debates. The mods, in their ineluctable wisdom, decided to simply move it to the Pit instead of doing the obvious thing.

So one can be as offensive as you want as long as one is careful to avoid the List of Banned Words. That’s all it takes. Pity. Might as well be Free Republic here.

I do not support the “ban december” movement. However, december’s latest gem was posted in GD, then moved when nearly 100% of the responses were filled with righteous invective. He did not post it in the Pit.

Actually, the thread the OP refers to was in Great Debates, and was moved there by a mod. I could have sworn you knew that, seeing as how I think you posted to it. Perhaps I’m misremembering.

But I wonder if december sees any hint in the fact that it was moved like that, or if he thinks it’s part of some anti-conservative conspiracy on the SDMB…

Yeah, it had been a while since the last december pitting.


This is incorrect. december’s latest motorized fishing expedition began in Great Debates. Gaudere was kind enough to redirect the old boy’s chumline into unprotected waters. As this sort of redirection has happened before, it may be that december has come to rely on misposting as a method of reaching a wider audience than his OP’s merit. OTOH I don’t recall Collounsbury ever receiving this sort of service from the powers that be.

He’s a misguided ultra-right-wing partisan hack. He prolifically writes obviously slanted posts, mostly of political nature. He doesn’t outright insult people with words, but seems to insinuate bad/insulting things about buzzword groups.

I don’t know whether those insinuations warrant a banning. After all, I wouldn’t consider ignorant statements about groups I consider myself part of to be insulting, but rather pathetically amusing. Perhaps annoying as well, in fact likely so. But I wouldn’t be offended (but then again, I’m not easily offended in the first place even by direct insults, let alone misguided and incorrect group insults).

december doesn’t break the ‘don’t be a jerk’ rule.

You may disagree with him, but that doesn’t make him a jerk.

I don’t agree with very much of what he says, but it has always confused me as to why anyone would want to ban him. I see these type of treads regularly, and it’s never clear what he has done that warrents banning.

There are a lot of folks I disagree with. As long as they are polite and follow the rules, I have no problem with them.

Well put.

December wants Democrats to admit the error of their ways really, really, bad. The latest thread asking Dean to apologize to soldiers killed in Iraq was in really poor taste and so far out there that no one could agree. But I haven’t seen him be disrepectful to other posters. Can’t say the same about Col.

Yeah, december is as partisan as it gets:

I retract my “deep down inside” statement, but I still stand by my claim that Republicans have more to benefit from terror attacks than Democrats.

That’s what I want, deep down inside? Really?

Shit. Deep down inside I really suck. Gosh, I was way happier not being informed what I want deep down inside. Because then I could consider myself a person of integrity who would never be so cravenly worthless as to equate “terrorism” with “reelection.” Who knew that deep down inside I was such an amoral and calculating waste of space?

Curse you, DECEMBER, for pulling the scales from my eyes. I’m off to carve out my deep down insides with a spork.

Oh, BLALRON said it. Well, then curse you, BLALRON.

Y’know, there’s a pretty good argument to be made that that sort of beyond-the-pale assholish statement is way worse than anything DECEMBER might say. But that’s an argument to be made by someone else, as I have a rendezvous with a spork.

Meh. December started it. I reply in anger, Fang takes it out of context, then I look like the bad guy.