Decemberrants: Yule post'em here, plz

I actually don’t have a good rant, I’m disgustingly happy with life at the moment.

Well, ok, here’s the mini-est of mini rants:

I really don’t want to go anywhere today, but I’m out of canned cat fud so I at least have to go to the grocery store. Hrmpf.

Since it’s December now, I’ll post in this thread and give anti-rant props to kaylasdad99’s late post in Nov’s thread. This is for his masterful continuation of my “I hate the Christmas shopping crowds” bastardization of the carol “O Holy Night.”

THAT Season.

Clueless shoppers walking one way and looking another, oblivious to the world around them.
Damn the families, moving like a swarm, waving their arms around in crowds, blocking the aisles.
Idiots who will turn on a dime and RUN in another direction without looking first.
Ramming you with their cart or slamming into you and then screaming that YOU need to watch where you’re going.

Clueless drivers zoning out thinking about what they need to buy or where they need to go next.
Stopping at a stop sign or in the middle of something to look at their lists, or text, or think about something.
Damn you if you honk at them, because they’re busy!

Wake me up in January. I’m going to hibernate through this shit.

Oh god. My alarm clock lost its mind a few days ago; gained four hours in 24 hours. Whee. So I need to go buy a new one. But as you all have reminded me, it’s insane shopping month. I wonder if I can get up the nerve to dart into Walmart or Target and grab a new clock and run out. Ick. I hate December.

Yeahhhhhhh my mother wanted to take me to Ikea. On Friday. I informed her that the CD rack can wait.

Walmart wasn’t too horrible yesterday (needed a mouse for the laptop, some binder dividers, and a few minor groceries). According to the cashier, Thursday was the really bad one, that being when they did a lot of their “Black Friday” stuff.

I am officially tired of painting. And the whole adventure of remodeling. Worried about the timeline. And still gotta move! By the end of December! Aaauugh!

On the plus side, my paint colors make me very happy. And progress is being made - maybe finished with paint by the end of today, except for touchups. Then cabinets, countertops, appliances, floors, and moving. Whee! Probably have to finish the trim and stuff after we get moved.

My right leg feels like one gigantic Charlie horse, and I really want to go back to sleep this morning… but the in-laws are coming, and the house we’re actually living in looks very lived-in. Double whee!

I have tendinitis in my left hand, so I do all my typing with my right. I’m not looking forward to work tomorrow.

Other than that, everything’s jake.

I had to work last Friday, my wife had the day off. Since we hosted Thanksgiving, our house was a mess. I figured she would spend the day cleaning it up, and on Saturday we could put up Christmas decorations together.

Instead, she decorated the house but the mess from Thanksgiving is still there :rolleyes: asking I help her clean all the mess that’s been there for 48 hours. When I nicely suggested that maybe she should have cleaned up Thanksgiving before putting up Christmas, she said that since I wasn’t around to help her, and she ‘always’ puts up Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving, I can’t complain since I didn’t help clean :rolleyes:

I didn’t help clean during Friday because I had to fucking WORK all damn day. Just like I had to on Thanksgiving. I was very grateful for all the work she did in my absence and in spite of working till 6pm Thursday was up till 3Am scrubbing pans and doing dishes. I was just irritated she couldn’t have spent more time getting the kitchen clean before starting on a new task.

At least the OUTSIDE of the house looks nice :rolleyes:

I went to a wedding last night. It was a no-kids affair, and my mother in law volunteered to babysit. Our actual babysitter had a prior engagement so we agreed.

When she showed up she was a complete bitch to us as if we had forced her at gunpoint to cancel important plans, like having dinner with the president or curing cancer or something. It’s not like she’s some automatic babysitter and we take advantage of her; she’s the babysitter of last resort, and like I said she volunteered.

The wedding was great. It was an old friend so we didn’t know many people there. We had some drinks, mingled a bit, danced, ate cake. Then we cut out kinda early and had sake bombers at our favorite neighborhood sushi bar. It’s just quieter and more intimate.

When we came home (still early, around 10pm) the place was a freaking disaster. MiL was still being a cunt. She had apparently fed the kids the rest of their Halloween candy. The contents of the playroom, linen closet, and all of the kids’ shelves were piled in the living room. I don’t know if they were making some kind of junkyard fort or what, but the kids sure as hell don’t do that when we’re home. If I were watching someone else’s kids in their home I wouldn’t let them do that.

Instead of ordering pizza for dinner like we asked her to, MiL made something in the kitchen. I have no idea what, but she bitched that our bratty kids wouldn’t eat it. I’ve never studied such a cooking technique, but whatever she made required her to carve the surface of my favorite non-stick pan down to bare metal with my giant metal barbecue spatula. She dirtied about half of our dishes and broke a cabinet door because “it opens the wrong way!” (It opens THE RIGHT WAY, which is indicated by the location of the knob, genius.) And she “started on dishes.” That meant putting knives in the bottom of the sink, throwing a few plates full of food on top of them, and filling the sink with water. Fortunately I didn’t lose a finger trying to unplug the drain, although I got cut.

To hell with just never watching kids again, I don’t think I’ll let her inside my house again.

She wouldn’t be allowed back in my house!

I don’t know why people turn into zombies this time of year. They lose all sense of where their bodies are in space, all sense of the fact that other humans exist while shopping.
If you can’t act like a normal person while shopping then maybe you need to reconsider your priorities in life.
If you are so focused on getting the perfect thing or getting the perfect price that you can’t be bothered to realize you are blocking an entire aisle, something is wrong with your brain.

“Kids, you’ve just had your very last visit from Grandma.”

I want a divorce. I want him to pack, I want him to move, I want him out of my motherfucklng house and out of my motherfucing LIFE. Right now, I can’t stand the fucking sight of him.

It hasn’t been a good day.

Your house? :dubious:

I left my ex-wife’s house because it had been her house before the marriage, and when the she filed the papers, it was clear everything was over and there was no repairing anything. (Hated the fucking house too)

But I have always been of the belief that if you want out of a marriage, you should be the one to leave.

Obviously I do not know your circumstances.

I don’t know why busses and trains advertise Wi - Fi because it never works.

Yep - my house. He does NOTHING to contribute, never has, and he’s never signed the lease. I’ts all in my name since he can’t take responsbility enough to act like a fucking adult. He can go. Now, preferably. My landlady hates him, I’m to the point where I hate him, and the dog even is looking at him funny these days. We’re all freakin’ done.

Sorry to be so strident, but he’s gotten on the last nerve I have left. I’m just so DONE with this shit.

Our old work truck ate some LIBRARY CDs.

Gives Missy2U some supportative hugs.

Ferret Herder thanks for reposting that thing of beauty and joy for the season. Good job, **kaylasdad99 **:smiley:

I’m moving tomorrow, Tuesday, (no, I’m NOT **Missy2U’s **partner :D) so last week rang all my utilities to have them disconnected on THURSDAY this week. At the same time, of course I organised to have them connected at the new place for today.

So I pick up the ph this morning to start ringing all the other companies, like insurance, license and car-rego etc etc to inform them of my change of address only to hear a cheery voice telling me that the line is disconnected already.

Fuck you Telstra. :mad:

Can you force him out?

I hate people who do “favours” for you, then do a truly miserable job of it. It’s hard to complain about someone volunteering to do something nice for you, but when they do such a crappy job of it, it’s hard to be appreciative.

Sorry to hear that. I hope you manage a quick, easy, painless untangling of your legally married status and all the chattels therein.