Decent German music

I’m thinking in the genres of either rock or whatever you would classify linkin park/system of a down as. I can also listen to really stupid, non-sensical German hip-hop more than I can in English. I need recommendations on artists/songs along those lines that you guys enjoy. So far, I’ve found Rammstein’s music slightly more than decent, and Eko Fresh and someone else’s stupid hip-hop amusing to listen to. Help! (Hilfen Sie mir!)

You might like Megaherz; I like them but find that they really need more bass in their music. They’re a rock/rap mix. I also like Die Toten Hosen, but they’re not quite as heavy as Linkin Park.

If you also like more industrial-style music, there’s always KMFDM (although most of their stuff is in English), Das Ich and Wumpscut. Tanzwut is another band I like as well.

In Extremo, although that’s a little more metal. Still, you’ve probably never heard someone rock so hard on a bagpipe.

Well, there’s the dark and industrial and highly influential Einstürzende Neubauten. What else? For rap, there’s Die Fantastischen Vier. Other than that, most of the German stuff I know is more electro-punk or electronica.