When I first thought of this thread I wondered where it would go, or indeed whether it would go at all.

In fact, the nice thing about it is that there is no set direction for posts.

The posts do, however, have something of a structure.

'Course, the only thing you have to do is make sure your first word is appropriate; otherwise you’re free to declare whatever you want.

Of all the pies in the world, I think my favorite is lemon meringue.

Human boredom, pure and simple, is what causes threads like this.

There’s nothing like a week of vacation to make me want another week of vacation.


Events such as music concerts and art gallery openings are my thing.

It seems as though rhubarb didn’t get the rules that were set for this post but maybe there’ll come a time when it…

…becomes obvious to him just what we are doing.

I have to, it’s killing me…

Necessary to life are oxygen, food, and water.

For my entire life I’ve wondered what rhubarb pie tasted like… one day, perhaps, I’ll try it.

I’m 6 ft 1.

(Did I oversimplify it?)

One day, I’ll understand what you guys are doing.

People, people. If you don’t understand the rules, please don’t post.

To be, or not to be, that is the question. (It is, isn’t it?)

Remain calm. There is enough decla for everybody, as long as nobody takes more than his or her decla ration. Pushing and yelling will not make it go any faster.

Dissolve one cup of sugar in one cup of coffee, and drink quickly - my remedy for the “not yet awake” Dopers among us :wink:

The method of making delicious coffee had always been a mystery to me, until **TellMeI’mNotCrazy ** enlightened me. For that, and for relieving me of the burden of dealing with a recalcitrant verb, I am forever in **TellMeI’mNotCrazy’s ** debt.

The political structure of this nation is three-parted, yet bi-cameral. What is that?