Declasse items you enjoy

Kind of the opposite of the thread in IMHO about being an elitist.
Anyway, I’m usually an elitist about beer and won’t let my lips go anywhere near anything produced by Anheuser Busch.
But, I have to tell you, Miller High Life is a great lawnmower beer - the type of crisp, refreshing beverage that really hits the spot after you’ve been outside working all day. I always try to keep a few around along with my white Belgians and Amber ales.
Also I like those hard corn taco shells, like what Ortega and Old El Paso make. And no, I don’t even pretend they’re anything close to real Mexican food. But that combination of greasy spiced beef, shredded Kraft cheddar and what’s essentially a giant tortilla chip, is just delicious (especially if you were drinking the night before :wink: ).

Velveeta makes the best queso dip.

Kraft American cheese slices plus cheapass grocery-store white bread make the best grilled cheese sammiches.

Classic Lipton black tea tastes better than 99.9% of the fancy-schmancy teas out there, and I say that as a lover of fancy tea. But I grew up with a mom who drinks nothing but Lipton - quarts of the stuff per day, always piping hot, even in Texas in the summertime - so I grew up drinking Lipton, too. And you know what? It’s still the best.

And although Mr. Horseshoe loves authentic Mexican food - the real stuff - we love doing Taco Night with some store-bought mass-market taco shells. In fact, we’ll probably have Taco Night later this week.

My best male friend (of fifty seven years) is a multi-millionaire and owns five farms. He wears a seed corn cap and suspenders and drives a pickup truck. Never went to college. I think he loves me.

Every time he takes me out to lunch at Perkins I feel so declasse. Man, I hate that!

My GMC truck.

Does country music count?

You MAKE your own Tacos? Wassamatter, Taco Bell not good enough for you?

Excuse me while I play the grand piano!

Jumbo Slice. Greasy, ginormous, utterly-inedibles-unless-you’re-utterly-sloshed Jumbo Slice, of the sort sold from dingy storefronts with bad dance music blaring all through DC’s nightlife strips.

Yah, I’ve been known to eat that stuff stone-cold sober.

I like Kraft macaroni & cheese (I hear it is called Kraft Dinner in some other countries). I also eat real mac and cheese, and it is good, but it is not a substitute for the Kraft macaroni & cheese.

I like good dry wines. But I also occasionally enjoy a White Zinfandel.

There are things that only sliced American cheese will do for. Like fried fish sandwiches. I keep some American cheese slices in the fridge.

Coffee. I love NYC coffee truck coffee. In NJ I hit the local 7-11. When I broke my left arm they gave me a free huge travel coffee mug, a $15 gift certificate and have only been charging me a dollar for refills instead of $1.38.

If a sandwich calls for mayonnaise, I will use Miracle Whip and enjoy it. At least it has some tangy zip (and isn’t just tasteless grease like mayo). :slight_smile:

About the only wine I enjoy is zinfandel, too, and I would have a hard time caring less what people think of that. I have wine drinkers in my family; they’re always trying new stuff and raving about the new shiraz or whatever; it all tastes terrible to me.

I like PB&J sandwiches, Kraft American cheese slices, honkytonk music and bad shoot 'em up movies. Not simultaneously, mind you.

What is Jumbo Slice?
Me, I like to eat hot pork rinds.

Why not? Live a little! :smiley:

It’s the stuff that makes your cardiologist believe in a benevolent God.

Count me as another one with Kraft American Singles in the cheese drawer, right next to the 10-year-old cheddar, Roquefort, and (if I’m lucky) triple-cream brie. I love the fancy cheeses, but nothing makes a comfort-food grilled cheese or homemade Egg McMuffin like Kraft Singles.

Because the cheese slices make the jelly taste funny.

He should instead hand the cheese slices over to me to put on my bologna and Wonderbread sammich with mustard and Doritos.

Big Gulps and those Hostess orange cupcakes. I don’t actually eat the cupcakes anymore (400 calories’ worth of sugar and chemicals :eek:) but I love 'em. Big Gulps are almost as rare, but the AMPM down the street carries Diet DP and has that wonderful crunchy ice…mmmmm.
My dad and I used to get those cans of tamales. They were horrifying but oh so yummy.

I assume that you’re talking about that cheap, freakishly yellow French’s mustard, and not Grey Poupon.
Yep, that’s stuff is really good on hot dogs too.

Milk Duds, I know they are bad for you but I need my Milk Duds.

I believe in what I call the “bologna sandwich test”. Consider the following sandwich: Bologna, Kraft Singles, and yellow mustard on white bread. If someone turns their nose up at this sandwich, rejecting it for what it isn’t instead of appreciating it for what it is, then that person’s opinion about any food carries no weight.