What Do You Like That You're Not Supposed To?

I love fake maple syrups like Log Cabin and Mrs. Butterworth and dislike the real stuff.

I love Subway, especially the steak and cheese sub and with double meat and extra cheese. I swear it was created with me in mind. Love their cookies too.

I particularly enjoy Hershey’s Kisses even though conventional wisdom states anything coming out of that Pennsylvania burg is not fit for cockroaches.

I have many food fetishes from having a restricted diet my whole life.
Of course sweets of any kind call my name. I count carbs and sugars for days sometimes to get to eat 8 m&ms.
Kinda sad, really.

My strawberries are berrying. I ate some really early yesterday morning. My glucose flew to the attic. They are incredibly sweet this year. Should make good preserves.

Oh, I like steak very well done and burnt bacon.

Jack in the Box Tacos despite some people calling them the worst things ever.

Domino’s pizza.

Though I do wonder if the pizzas they make here are not the same as they make elsewhere.

From another thread: cake from a mix.

Nobody is supposed to like smoking these days, but I do enjoy my cigars and my pipes.

My cigars are premium handrolled Cubans or Dominicans for the most part, though cigars from other places (e.g. Honduras) are in my humidors too. But all are handrolled–no machine-mades with plastic tips, or flavored in any way. Just pure tobacco, aged and rolled in the way the blender intended.

My pipes are all hand-carved briar wood bowls, with stems of Lucite or Ebonite. As someone once said, “A pipe is a work of art that you can smoke,” and mine are no exception. Such pipes do cost money, and they deserve the best tobaccos, so I only smoke the best tobaccos, blended in the UK, Ireland, and Denmark.

Here’s the thing: the expense of my cigars and my pipes force me to slow down, if not stop, in my busy life. I’m not going to smoke a $30 cigar while cutting the back lawn; I’m going to save it for a movie or sports event I want to watch on TV. The same with my pipes: why would I smoke a $25-an-ounce tobacco in a $250 pipe if I didn’t just want 30 to 45 minutes of relaxation in my favorite chair, often with a good book? Heck, at such times, I don’t even answer the phone. Such times are my times.

I would never advise anybody to take up smoking. It is physically unhealthy; of that, there is no doubt. But for me, the occasional indulgence in a premium handrolled cigar, or a hand-carved pipe of fine European tobacco is worth the risk. The breaks I take to smoke my cigars and my pipes keep me grounded. And ready to go, mentally, when I need to be.

Spoons, you gave me a good memory of my Daddy.
He smoked a nice pipe with good tobacco. I have his collection of pipes.
Like you, he only smoked when it was his ‘ME’ time.

I consider instant ramen a treat, not a last resort.

Dominos is comfort food. (It reminds me of my girlfriend.)

I prefer well done meat, and rarely find it to be dried out. (Although even when I do, I would rather do more chewing than deal with the mouthfeel of underdone meat.)

I do not enjoy salad dressings. That said I seek out envelopes of the nastiest, most artificial, vinegarest French dressing for use on sandwiches. The sort that comes from that wholesaler, NAFTA is my favorite.


chilli cheese fritos … and i like my cornbread sweetened …

This is something I never understood. Isn’t cake mix just all the ingredients pre-measured into a convenient packet? I’ve made cakes from scratch but they’re never as good as cake from a mix.

I’ll vote for Domino’s also. I do believe they’ve improved their recipes over the days of cardboard crust. And Hershey’s products, too - they’re not Godiva or Lindt, but they’re not the waxy, cheap novelty chocolate crap that ends up in trick-or-treat bags.

Liver. And lima beans. Even better: having them together.

Yup. My cardiologist would be horrified.

I prefer steaks not-aged, and cooked medium to medium well.

I like candy corn. I don’t love circus peanuts, but I don’t hate them either.

If I’m in a hurry, Ramen is fine.

I was sure I’d be the only one to say Limas; we must hang tough, Chuck, so many Limas, so little time.


That’s something you’re not supposed to eat, not not supposed to like. Everybody is supposed to like bacon.

If I may cause clutching of pearls and fainting, I don’t like bacon.

I wonder about the flour. A lot of us probably use All Purpose when baking from scratch but they may have something more targeted to cakes.

And pizza? Cici’s. All the varieties, and then :eek: the desserts… :smiley:

Ro-tel dip