Decorating with fruit?

I watch a lot of HGTV and I’ve noticed that lots of the designers are big on using bowls or stacks of fresh fruit as decor items.

Do you or anyone you know use food items to decorate on a regular basis?

I don’t, and I can’t imagine when I ever would. For a dinner party, I may do a fancy presentation of the meal. But I don’t see fruit or veggies as knick-knacks.

I see that a lot on Trading Spaces or other types of shows where there is a time or budget limitation. I always assumed it was just a way to get some colour into the room that was quick and cheap. You only have $5 left? Run on down to the Piggly Wiggly on the corner and get a bag of apples, stat!

I also think they are used to spruce up shelves, etc in peoples homes because the designer doesn’t know what personal item the homeowner might want to display. It’s essentially just a space filler until the homeowner puts their own touch on the room. There is no point wasting money on some knickknacks when most people have tons already, and the fruit can be thrown away/eaten without guilt.

So, to answer your question, no I have never used fruit to decorate. But if I was on TV, I might.

My wife and I eat copious amounts of fruits and veggies, and we always have a very colorful bowl of fruit and veggies on our island in our kitchen. We actually just got back from grocery shopping so it is especially full. In it right now as I type are Anjou Pears, Navel Oranges, Bananas, Avacados, and some apples. By Thursday it’ll be well worn down, we have a large wooden canoe looking bowl for the fruit so we can spread it out…When people are over it’s nice to be able to grab a snack without any thought…just pluck a pear and eat it, or some grapes, or whatever is in there. We used to have a cool nutcracker made of Mahogany…it’s been retired but that was on our island for some time as well.

I used pomegranates to decorate for Thanksgiving dinner one year. They dry out nicely without having to do anything. I put three of them in a silver plate bowl with (clean, nice) autumn leaves lining the inside of the bowl. They dried out and worked for a Christmas decoration too.

I wouldn’t use fresh fruit as an everyday decoration but I think it’s nice for when you have company over.

I eat a lot of fruit, too, but I keep it in the fridge. Nothing like a cold, crispy apple - yum! Plus I worry that if I left it out, my idiot cat would either try to eat it himself, or knock it on the floor and play with it.

The fruit that needs to be refrigerated is in the fridge; the fruit that’s better not (bananas, avocados, tomatoes; peaches and pears that are still ripening) is in a bowl on the kitchen table.

I have a beautiful clear plastic domed fruit ripening bowl that sits on my kitchen table and looks very decorative. Right now it is filled with the apricots I bought this afternoon.

I love the look of fruit as something that is colorful, useful, and made by nature. I have a number of pieces of clothing and jewelry with a fruit motif.

I find our cat loki begging for me to put the pineapple back in the fruit bowl. He loves to eat those sharp green leaves on the tops of pineapples. Problem is when he does I can expect to be up half the night cleaning up after his hacking… :frowning:

Well, who else are you gonna ask?

Well, I got sick of having the bananas just sitting on the counter taking up space in our womb-sized kitchen, so I bought this very pretty little mosaic-y glass bowl…thing… so I could put them on the dining table instead (it seemed wrong to just put them on the table surface). It does actually look quite good.

So I *sort of *decorate with fruit, but not really. I only buy fruit I want to eat, and keep most of it in the 'fridge…but what’s out on the table in the pretty bowl looks kind of nice.

I’m so ashamed that I didn’t see this one coming! :stuck_out_tongue:


Fortunately, we have enough counter space that a bunch of 'nanners isn’t usually in the way. And so far, the cat doesn’t seem interested in them. But I could see him checking out pineapple tops, based upon his apparently love of my spider plants/kitty salad bar.

My husband only eats fruit if I hand it to him, so I’ve started to keep a bowl of seasonal fruit, apples, oranges, pears, bananas in the middle our double desk. We both eat more fruit, and less junk, and it looks pretty.

Our catkins have never showed an interest in pineapple, but if I cut up a cantaloupe (rock melon to the aussies) they will knockk me down to get it. I have to take the seeds to the outside garbage. If I put them in the disposal, I’ll find one of them in the sink, with an arm down the drain.

We usually have a bowl of fruit on one of the kitchen shelves. It looks good, but more importantly, it’s where we head for a snack. We keep some fruit in the fridge, but most fruit does quite well at room temp for at least a few days.

Our current cats have never shown an interest in anything but avocado…well, any ODD interest. They have the very normal interest in tuna, beef, poultry, etc.

I’ve put out fruit as decoration and for eating in the past but, except for smaller bowls of fruits, I don’t anymore.

In my earlier years, I thought the idea of decorating with fruit was colorful and fun. But since when I was growing up, we were poor and fruit was a luxury and usually disappeared pretty quickly, I also thought having it sitting around in bowls showed class and abundance.

The thing I stopped doing is putting fruits of one color (oranges, tangerines, apples) in baskets about the size of of a quart sauce pan and sitting them on the floor.

It looked all colorful and design-forward and I tried to eat the fruit along the way (I live alone). The time I forgot and the apples on the bottom started rotting, I stopped doing that.

Today I rearranged the fruit which was on the counter, just for fun. Then I remembered this thread, so I took a photo.

Does that count?


Obligatory drive by Monty Python:
‘‘we done loganberries’’

NinetyWt - that’s very artsy-fartsy!


Thank you FCM. Since my art-school daughter has moved back home, I have kept this little stash of fruit for her to eat for snacks. I thought she’d get a kick out of it.

DPF - Well it would have been more voluptuous if she hadn’t eaten more ooples than bananays.