Deduction anyone?

I have been searching (for quite an amount of time) for a thread devoted the habit of noticing things, as well as thinking about them. Since I have found no ongoing threads, I thought to create one.

The rules of the game are simple. Deduce all you can, about anything you see in the picture posted. Nothing is insignificant.

Would someone like to begin, if anyone is interested at all?

Photo 1

Looks like some sort of Spring Break party. The place looks like the back of a motel or apartment complex. At least one red Solo cup gave its life for the party. Pretty sure it is a motel since there is a soda machine.

The picture was definitely not taken in Minnesota this week.

The guy with the broomstick and duct tape probably lost a bet.

The dude front-and-center is not quite zipped up, so the young thing in the bikini may have been playing Yellow Pages.

There are two girls making out in the background, probably hoping they don’t get stuck with the guy with the broomstick.

The hipster with the porkpie hat looks like he has been running either a DJ machine or some sort of electronic music setup.

There is a semi-clothed guy looking out of the window in the upper-right corner.

I can’t explain the blow-up deer in the middle window.

It is roughly 10:30 am in a summer day and they are across from a pool (but is probably near the ocean), which explains the trash as well as the age range from the two guys on the right.

(How do I know it is a pool? Places near the beach are typically expensive and those buildings are too fragile to be worth the cost or withstand the damage. Plus, they are not equipped for floods.)

The two in the main photo suggest an early 20’s marriage, which is mostly physical and obviously became so long before the marriage itself. This is possibly a low cost honey moon. The girl is most likely not going to go swimming, and oddly enough, is trying to get a better tan.

Sorry for not being able to post, I have been busy with life. In any case should I post another picture, or would you like to debate this photo further?

I disagree because they both have their heads turned towards the camera and are both wearing pink sunglasses.