The SDMB Cocktail Party

Things have been a bit strained around here lately, and I thought we could use a little catch-up time. So what’s new, Dopers? How are your summers going? Anything exciting and wonderful happen to you lately? Anything crappy you’d like to whine about? Grab your favorite schmoozing drink and mix it up!

I’ll start, even though my sister is annoying the hell out of me, we did a photoshoot for the Burlington Free Press yesterday, the largest circulated paper in the state. I don’t think anyone who is familar with the saga will be surprized to learn that my sister flirted shamefully with the photographer. “Sam” was at a wedding, of course. :rolleyes: But there is a good chance that a picture of one of my fellow actors in nothing more than a burdock leaf, and me in a 2 piece bathing suit top and itty bitty shorts will get printed for all to see, so that’ll get us some attention.

Now that I’m going back to school full time, I don’t have to look conservative anymore. This is exciting. I am considering an eyebrow ring. And possibly attempting to get a job (part time, 10-15 hours a week) at Urban Outfitters. Or one of the hip record stores in town. No more office crap for me! yahooie!

Ok, I now pass the sharing stick. What’s new, Dopers?

I have a new job that I have been at for about a month and half. It is really good. I am liking what I am doing because it is Kinesiology related, which is good for experience.

My sweetheart also took me to see the Symphony of Fire in Toronto Saturday night. We went on a cruise boat on Lake Ontario. It was really nice and romantic.

K, that is all. But I am happy and thanks for caring to read this post.

Things at work are going well.

We are updating ALL of our equipment in 4-6 weeks…and we might be moving to a new building soon.

Nothing much more than that…no news is good news

i’m tired of talking about the schtick in my life, so to sum it up…
my cousin passed away thursday. the funeral was friday. i spent the weekend with the family being the strong pillar of support. i’m over the ex finally. internet dating has brought upon me a choice of responding kindly to a response to my profile which is a bit scary for me considering my last encounter through the internet of a married woman. i hate my job, i’m looking for another, and i’m planning on moving to DC in a year.

ps. could you post said picture of you in bikini? this i’ve got to see. :wink: oh dear swiddles, passion of my cyber heart.

Make mine a nice single-malt scotch over cracked ice.

Ah. The weather’s just right for a cocktail party. It would be too hot, were it not for that summer breeze keeping the temperature perfect. If we start to get too much sun, I suppose we can retire to the gazebo.

I’ll pass on the “what’s going on in your life” question. No sense bringing the party down.

But here’s a pretty cool thing. Went to the local Indian casino with my Mom the other day, and, playing seperately, we each won $100.

I’ve mentioned on the board before that I ran into Michael Moore (maker of the film “Roger and Me,” creator of the old “TV Nation” show on NBC and currently has a show on Bravo) playing quarter slots at a casino near Traverse City, MI.

Well, guess who I saw at the casino in Petoskey, MI, on this last trip? Yup. He didn’t remember me. I told him I love the new show on Bravo, and he was very gracious.

Any Michael Moore fans out there, come visit and go casino-hopping with me. Apparently, we’re sure to catch him.

Hi Dopers! I don’t believe I’ve ever been to one of these parties yet, but give me a beer and I’m sure I’ll fit right in!!

I just got back from my cruise in the Bahamas last week. (or was it two weeks ago?) Anyway, WOW, what fun! I got to go snorkeling for the first time and it is simply amazing!!

I hope everybody is having a great summer! :slight_smile:

I adore Michael Moore. I was the only 14 year old I knew who watched TV Nation religiously. If only there was a cable plan that offered the Travel Channel, the Food Network and Bravo (for Inside the Actor’s Studio and Moore’s show) I’d get it.

Forgot to mention I went to Ozomotli on Friday, and danced my ass off. (well, not really, but it WAS a good workout) Ozo is this sort of latin/hip-hop/rock group who always play through the crowd on their way to or from the stage. SOOOO much fun. I brought two lovely girls who are more Dave Matthews fans than Latin funk fans, and even THEY had a good time. Nothing like two hours of, as the lead MC in Ozo freestyled, “Shakin’ what your momma gave ya” to exorcise the demons.

And soul, if it turns out well, I’ve already threatened the kid who is in a leaf that it’s going on the internet. Trust me, when you have a picture of a guy in nothing more than a leaf, no one looks at the chick sitting next to him. Of course, said guy is 17, and I pointed out that I think that qualifies as child porn, but he claims his parents will think it’s “funny.”

Milo, if you want someone to talk to, I’m always here. Feel free to e-mail. I’ve heard I’m a good listener. :wink:

So I started a new job about six weeks ago and two weeks into it they announce that my group is being “restructured” and that I need to ask around and find a new position within our (rather large) company. Just found a new job and am starting this afternoon - I’m joining the effort to setup a group dedicated to the new art of bandwidth trading. There are no markets and the technology barely exists to make it possible, but we’re on our way. This is going to be very very fun.

Otherwise, not too bad. Having a good summer. I bought a grill - so now I cook outdoors every night. Very nice, I gotta say. Had a good holiday last week. Swimming and barbecue and sleeping in. I’m going to Vegas this weekend for a little R&R. Yep, not too bad…

Gimme anything wet with alcohol in it.

Only five weeks left on the deployment – good.
I reached 122 degrees on the flight deck today – bad.
My office, my air conditioned office, is 87 degrees – bad.
The cold potable water is 80 degrees – bad.
The soda has run out. We only have diet and Mountain Dew left. We won’t pick up more soda 'til we hit the Med – bad.
Boss on the rag – bad.
We get liberty Saturday – good.
It’s in Jebel Ali (commonly called “Gerbil Alley”) which is basically and inhabited expanse of sand which reached 120 degrees today – bad.

On second thought, gimme anything cold, wet with alcohol in it.

I’ll have a sour apple martini, thank you…

I have to say I’ve been blessed with the good fortune that everything is running smoothly in my life right now.

I’ve been keeping my 4.0 in school, which, hopefully will stay that way until it’s time for my externship evaluation which will be at the end of the year. Our externship depends upon our GPA, and if a student has a 3.8 or above, that student can go anywhere in the world they wish. Now, if I could just get my foot in the door at the French Laundry…

It’s funny… I’m completely broke, don’t have much of a life outside of school, and I come home every night tired and covered with the food item of the day… and couldn’t be happier.

I’ll would like a Sour Apple Sprite please

I just went to Panama City. My wife and I rode Wave Runners and spent our 6 month anniversary under the sun. We went and swam with the Dolphins right off of Shell Island. But now it is off to the grind. I did enjoy the drink though.

Thank you.

Post No. 3, baby yeah, I’m a postin’ machine!

I killed a rattlesnake this weekend. That was pretty exciting. It was on my back porch. So pardon me if I triple up on the whiskey.

Gin and tonic please.

Only one week left of my summer vacation. Too bad I spent my first week coughing from that nasty summer cold that was going around. I really hope the weather will get better since my father is taking me sailing tomorrow. If it will rain like this for the next four days, I will be most displeased.

But on the whole, things are good. I’m particularly pleased with my new haircut. I may not get a tan this summer, but I won’t have any more of those bad hair days :).

Frosty mug to Washtub Robbie
Cold ones to Nancy and Winnie
Yo- could I get a cold beverage
I need some leverage
It’s sunny outside
Some lemonade would be nice
Or a sprite through the drive through
At B.K. Yo I’ll buy girl a drink
But girls got to pay
On the front porch i got
Some iced tea
If you like a taste of tea
Then come along with me
It’s martini time
Yeah yeah feeling golden
Bring your own beverage
Just make sure it’s cold
I like cold beverage

Not doing much this summer…switched jobs, probably gonna switch again in the next couple of months…but having a hell of a good time lanscaping my yard.

I came for the drinks and all I see is travel photos.

Well, fortunately I always have a cold keg in the trunk.

Gonna give your old Oncle a hand? (My back ain’t what it once was.)

Want a vacation photo of me? Get out the camera, this is it!

Well, this is the mundane and pointless thread…

I signed up for two summer bands this year, one in University City (clarinet), directed by the conductor of the Saint Louis Wind Symphony (never hurts to rub elbows with the people who get paid to do this), and a community band in Affton, a local burb (Alto Sax). My “home” band (The Meramec Symphonic Band) is done for the spring, after playing a pretty decent concert (we did the Hindemith Symphony in Bb, which is an awesome piece of music). I received a plaque for being in the band for 10 years (and I’ll keep going back 'till I get it right). We’re doing an all Copland concert this fall.

I picked up a new keyboard a couple weeks ago. Sat down in front of it and am really having to struggle with remembering what to do with it (it’s been about 20 years). It’s slowly coming back to me. Real Slowly.

Just got home from rehearsal of the Affton band, and after the workout, the conductor asks if we’re hiring. He’s a DBA (Database Administrator). I told him to send me his resume. We’re desparate for a DBA. Can you say “recruitment bonus”? Cha-CHING!

Of course, we don’t know whether we’re going to be here or in Denver next year…

Johnny Walker on the rocks please.

Aside from the sleeping difficulties of late, things are going well at work. It appears I will soon be upped to the Music Director position at my radio station. That would be fantastic - better pay, better experience, better benefits . . . and lots of record reps kissing my butt.

I am taking a couple of days off this week to go to Carowinds. I am so looking forward to that, I have always been a bit of an adreneline junky and I plan to ride every coaster three or four times.

My birthday is in less than three weeks. I only hope I can get it off so that I may allow my mates to purchase much alcohol for me on that occasion. Thirty is approaching fast.

Now if I could just find some remedy for my lousy love life - or lack thereof.

Carry on . . . .

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Sapphire martini, super dry. Stirred.

Swanky party!

I just started doing my new job on my own (no more training) last week, and this week my First Shift counterpart is on vacation. Which means I come in at noon and stay 'til 11:30. Can we say booty-phat overtime? Yes we can. Then it’s back to normal Second Shift hours. I must say I’m pretty excited about this job. Best pay I’ve ever had (which isn’t saying much, but still), it’s not a temp job, and they have tuition reimbursement.

And Claremont is writing X-Men again. Life ain’t bad.

I will pay you $100.00 for a copy of that picture. Really. I promise. :smiley:

I’ll second that…I think. I need another round…