Deep Space Homer (Simpson) help needed

In the “Deep Space Homer” episode of the Simpsons, what tune were Buzz Aldrin and Race Bannon humming on re-entry. Homer was singing “Golden Grahams” at the time. Mrs. Mercotan believes the tune to be “Battle Hymn of the Republic”, but I disagree.

A little help, please?

I just checked it and it sounds like “Battle Hymn” to me.

C’mon, QtM, don’t you know that the wife is ALWAYS right?


Aldrin and Banning were doing a clenched-jaw rendition of The Battle Hymn of the Republic, no question, and I have the guys at SNPP to back me up.

Didn’t John Glenn hum that during re-entry for real back his Mercury days? I have a recollection of that from “The Right Stuff”.

Thanks. I’m busy at home, eating crow.

In “The Right Stuff” he was also humming it while producing semen samples in the bathroom. It was a running joke in the movie.

“Is that Glenn humming?”
“Uh, he does that.”