Deepak Chopra is a Moron

Has anyone ever tried to seriously understand what this guy is saying? He has to be the most successful charlatan, ever. His works are a combination of horrific medical advice or plainly obvious advice (“If you have trouble sleeping, do not drink caffiene. Especially in the evening.”) He’s wrapped every new-agey, folky belief in some vaguely mystical-sounded mumbo jumbo, and making millions.

Here are some samples of his thinking, from his blog on The Huffington Post. Allow me to quote one of his more imaginative statements:


LITERALLY? Ow, my head.

Yeah, here I thought that was just gas.

I read *The Path to Love * when I was 16, and it was the DEEPEST. THING. EVAR.

I read it again a few months ago and couldn’t stand to subject myself to more than a chapter.

That “All-one! All-one!” crap seems pretty common in all things New Age. Depending on the details, it’s either laughably false (astrology) or utterly mundane and inconsequential (we are made of atoms forged in stars). His utter misunderstanding of evolution is a new twist for me, but it fits with the general inanity of New Age crap in general.

Well, he does offer the opportunity to preen one’s worldly skepticism in public.

Deepak Chopra is a moron like film director Michael Bay (Armegeddon, The Roc k) is an idiot; both produce utter dreck, and both make millions of dollars doing it (and manage to make a lot of people satisfied, somehow, by doing it).

It’s like the aliens said to L. Ron Hubbard: “They may be pink, but their money is green.”

Or, as a college chum repeatedly said to me, “Those are the kind of people that are going to make me a millionaire.”


Yeah, well, you try filling a tent for an existentialist revival meeting!

All those people making the “zero” sign with their fingers, chanting “No way! No way!”…

Damn my scruples. I could be rich offa morons, but Nooooo. I gotta be all moral and crap.

I have a dear friend who fully buys into Chopra, so I made a serious, honest effort over a couple of years to learn about what he preaches.

Having done so, I absolutely agree with Sam.

I’ve heard many good things about this guy. He’s published several books. One or more people gave his books favorable reviews. I’ve heard his name several times before. He is not American. I think he went to college or something.

The above reasons seem to validate his popularity, obviously.

The OP’s quote seems to indicate however, that Deepak is at least partially retarded.

It’s almost as if people were trying to fight ignorance here, possibly while swearing. I applaud the effort.

Too bad the OP is wrong though, everyone that is from India, or any region nearby, is always right. People from that region tend to go to school and learn things, then they get doctorates, sometimes more than one.

Americans are generally stupid, and we are very aware of that. Why else would we only trust people with phony British accents to sell us things on infomercials?

“We are stardust,
Billion year old carbon,
We are golden,
Caught in the Devil’s bargain
And we’ve got to get our way back to the Garden”

At least Joni Mitchell had the excuse of being a folk singer in the 60s, and smoking lots of dope.

Chopra is an ass, milking the gullible of their cash. As the proverb says “a fool and his money are easily parted”, if it wasn’t Chopra it would be someone else…he’s still an ass though.

“Bob” dun said that, not no namby pamby Slackless aliens.
Aliens don’t refer to people as Pinks, that’s a good ol’ fasioned SubGenius tradition.

Oh, but SubGenii love making fun of the CoS*, especially in song.

(*Cult of Scientology, as in the criminal organization as opposed to the duped members and the persecuted Free Zoners.)

Note that the songs are proudly Unsafe For Work and other small-minded environments. And you have to undergo a free registration process to access songs at

Further note that the songs are only funny if you have at least some understanding of the major players in the CoS history. A jaunt to might prove helpful.

Intersting… in response to a poison pen letter directed at the band:


I am not a follower of Deepak Chopra, but he is far from being a Moron. He has several degrees. Why call someone a moron just because they disagree with your beliefs? He does not suggest anyone has to follow his ideas. It is his way of seeing the world and how things are. People differ with others and some think their way is the only way.


I suspect part of the problem is that none of Chopra’s advanced degrees had a physics 101 component.

If he thinks the sun and the distant galaxies have much role in the tides of Earth, he needs to be a lot less in touch with his Inner Idiot. The inverse square law, ya know.


Some of us also have . . . BROADWAY RHYTHM!!!

I hear ya. I could be fleecing the gullible, downloading copywrited material off the internet and otherwise taking advantage of every situation I’m in. But *noooooooo. *

And everyone thinks I’m the weird one.

Screw it. Being moral sucks. I’m giving it up for lent.

No Deepak is not an idiot or a moron. He’s a new age buisiness man. He started out dealing with alternative medicine. The power of positive thinking and how it effects our health. I don’t know if he was sincere back then or not . As he saw the potential market he branched off into other areas. As I see it he gathers a bunch of new age ideas from new and ancient sources. He likes the Persian poet Rumi. He repackages what he gathers and adds his own touch and sells a bunch of it. I read some of his early books and they were okay. Some of the stuff he compiles is interesting. The more his money machine grew he left a bad taste in my mouth. I doubt if he believes what he preaches. It’s the money.
I even went to see him speak at a book signing here and there was a cool vibe in the room. I realized it wasn’t him. It was the audience. Gullible? Maybe. Hopeful and positive? Definately.