Default font size in Word

[apologetic disclaimer about asking a question that – Duh! – everyone knows the answer to]

I’ve gotten Word to accept that I prefer Times New Roman to Arial, so it that is my default font – but it still starts me out at 10 points, despite my preference for working at 12 points (even with reading glasses, I find a larger font easier on my eyes).

Is there a “master setting” somewhere in Word where I can tell it to start me at 12 points so I don’t have to reset it every single time I start a new document?


[/adaaaqt - d - ektat]

Format > Font… enter your settings, then click “default” in the bottom left corner.

Damn, you’re good! I went in there and it said “12,” but apparently I hadn’t hit “default” on my way out when I tried it – works now.

You’re way brighter than they say, kiddo.

Many thanks.

Check’s in the mail, I take it? :wink:

Yeah, just as soon as I get the printer to work. :smiley: