Define "thingme-dealey-bob"

“thingme-dealey-bob” – care to have a go at defining it?

You, know, one of those whosits with the whatchamajobber on it.

I’ve never heard of that one. It looks like a combination of “thingamabob” and “dealie”.

There’s also:


thingme-dealey-bob, n: gizmo

Oh, you know, it’s the thingamajig. The whatsit. The hooja. Picks it up and waves it up and down. THIS THING!!!

A precious shiny object.

Or, ‘thingamabob’:

I would argue that a gizmo is a machine of some sort, wheras a thingme-dealey-bob would be more like a whoojamaflip, or in Ireland, a “yoke”.

It’s one of those majigs, ya know, the kind that does that thing.

It’s like a spinnymajig, only it doesn’t spin and it’s shiney like a whassit but round like a dinglybob. I think.

Ask Ariel. She’ll know.

I once looked in a dictionary that defined a “thingamabob” as a “thingamajig.”

And vice versa.

Not to be confused with “doofunkus” (a person whose name you can’t remember or don’t know).

What she said.

It’s a hoodely-whatsis. You know! The thing that does the thing!

Yeah, that!


It’s a hootermeratis for a frammis device.

What a bunch of poseurs.

Every crafter of Southern-speak knows that a ‘Gee-Haw Whimmydiddle’ covers it.

If it isn’t that, then it’s a dingus.

Lordy-be. Whattum I gonna do with y’all? :wink:

I call mine Bob.

The thingamabob that does the job is bippity-boppity-boo.

Yep. I know exactly what all y’all are refering to.

The wossname…you know, that.

It’s a hoozismacher/veeblefetzer/feeblevetzer/potrzebie.