Your favourite words for *thingies*?

In August '06 corkboard said:

“C’mon, people. They’re called thingies”.

(This was regarding mooring bollards for boats)

But what are your favourite words for thingies?

My (very) late uncle used:

“Pass me that Wombeck” or

“Don’t trip over the Spagheelia

I’d like to learn a few new ones…

My daughter called them ‘dingwa’, which was her way of pronouncing ‘thing’ at an early age.

We still call the television remote ‘the Dingwa’ in our family. Where’s the Dingwa? Under the cushion!

Doohickeys. Thingamabobs. Whatsits. Jobberdos. Widgets.


I’m lovin’ Dingwa! That’s a great word!

From watching The Young Ones and Father Ted, ‘thingie’ now means ‘penis’ to me.

As to the OP, I usually just say ‘thing’ (or else find out the correct nomenclature).


(Courtesy Homer S.)

“Fiendish thingies,” with a hard “g.” (Help! is required viewing if one is to understand our family conversations.)


Veeblefetzers, of course.

Can’t use whatsit any more: in my household the response is “a cheesy crisp??
Really, they’re Wotsits™, a horrible cheese-powder coated corn snack.



and, of course …nadger

Note 1 The last has pedigree going back (at least) to The Goon Show Site - Script - The Nadger Plague (Series 7, Episode 3). It probably originates much earlier, in British army slang. We are of course aware of another …er… physiological meaning.

Note 2 We should always try to employ the typographical convention above (…) to denote the brief pause while the user tries to find the right …word.

I love …dingwa and …veeblefetzer. I humbly petition the TM’s to be allowed to use them.

From Futurama, “kajiggers”.

Jawn. I don’t really use the word but I’m fascinated by it’s emergent growth in the Philadelphia area. Even if I called something a ‘jawn’ nobody around here would know what I was talking about.

You mean the whatchamacallit? Or the hooziewhatsit?


Doodads. So many doodads.

I never did say what word I do use. It’s ‘thing’. Often with a modifer, the ‘sink thing’, or the ‘TV thing’, or something like the ‘car thing’ of which there are a lot of different ones. But I’m pretty consistent with it so I don’t know my wife doesn’t understand what I’m talking about.

Same. “You know, the thing.”

Or if I’m really desperate, “The thing with the thing.”

Right. Once you get down to that kind of detail it’s perfectly clear what you’re talking about.


Though we spell it thingamebobs

If necessary, you can say, with firm emphasis, “you know, THAT thing.”

That always helps.